What fictional characters can you imagine having Huel? (/product placement?)

Following up from this previous thread, what fictional characters can you imagine having a Huel-heavy diet? Here are some, from sitcoms:

  • Raymond Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as above
  • Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory
  • Dwight Schrute from The Office (US). A bit conflicted on this one - I can totally imagine a Dwight talking head talking about how efficient and nutritionally complete Huel is. On the other hand, he’s a farmer who values tradition, so…
  • Laurie Bream from Silicon Valley. She could totally make an off-the-cuff deadpan remark about how she only has Huel, and continue talking about other things. Or Gilfoyle. Or even Jared maybe. Or one of the many secondary characters. Lots of potential there.

Huel folks, how about some product placement! This could actually fit in the storyline rather than sticking out like a sore thumb like product placement sometimes does. Although… as much fun as the above might be, Huel probably doesn’t want itself associated exclusively with eccentric oddballs. Product placement with less eccentric characters, perhaps. :slight_smile:

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Phil Mitchell.


Definitely not Jabba the Hutt. He uses slimfast. :joy::joy::joy:

Goku from Dragonball Z and then he powers up for 3 full episodes :rofl:

Purely for his namesake Huell Babineaux from Breaking Bad.



Bridget Jones :rofl:
The bossy one with no time in bride wars (can’t think of her name)
Basically anyone in a high pressured job where they say I have no time for lunch

Haha great topic! I would absolutely love Captain Raymond Holt to use Huel, the amount of people who mispronounce it, he would enunciate it so well.

Thoughts on Bruce Wayne? Obviously he’s got a butler to sort him out with a great diet so time isn’t a problem for him. However there is that scene in Batman Begins where Bruce Wayne wakes up, drinks a whole glass of a green smoothie and starts doing push ups. That could be Huel! I reckon sometimes Batman finds eating a problem when out at night, a few Huel bars in his utility belt would be ideal.


Batman would develop his own food at enormous expense. Bat Bars, Bat Burgers, Bat Bourbon.

He may be tempted by the Huel Black packaging, however.


He would definitely use Huel Black and maybe keep a few bars in his Batmobile…

Neo and Morpheus from matrix. In the first movie they had something that looked similar…


John ( @hunzas ) Rambo in his survival bag in the Jungle


I definitely think of Huel in that scene.

Best get on the case now then as the new matrix film is currently in production

Anyone from the film Soylent Green

Zim from Invader Zim. He already eats his version of huel :slight_smile:

A new matrix film is in production? Do you have any details?

its currently filming in Berlin after filming was paused for the pandemic - release dates have been reshuffled several times - latest one is Christmas 2021. From the set photos it appears to be John Wick meets the Matrix :grinning:


Arnold J Rimmer!

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Trinity looks like an old woman on these pictures…Keanu Reaves kept a better shape, at least in comparison.

Do you have any details on the plot? As far as I can remember Neo died at the end of episode 3…

They both died didn’t they?