The Matrix and Huel

Years ago, when I first watched the Matrix film, there was s scene where Neo had just awoken; he was in the ship (forgot the name), and was being fed. One of the other people dispensed what looked like sloppy porridge from a machine. It was described as having everything that the human body needs. Huel reminds me of that. Afterwards I thought it’d be good if there existed something like that. Now we have Huel.


Not necessarily the first thing I’d have picked from The Matrix as wishing I could have in real life, but it’s a start.

He had lumps in his :hushed:

I have JUST seen The Matrix again yesterday evening, had not seen it since years and today I made my first order of Huel. And I also noticed that part more now than before.
I’m already experienced with powdered meals like Bertrand, Joylent, Queel, and Nano. Ingredient wise Huel looks the more impressive one to me, hoping the taste will be ok (ordered flavourless with an additional 4 flavour packs).
Looking forward to my first order :yum:

Edit: a blender is best but a shaker with a metal ball would be an improvement over the plastic grater style bottles.

That’s how I explain my food at lunchtime… “Do you remember that bowl of runny snot in The Matrix?”…