How do you explain Huel?

I’ve not started using Huel yet (but plan to). Just wondering how you explain it too people at work? I just know I’m going to get loads of funny looks when I swap from my usual shop bought sandwich to a flask of Huel! How do you explain it to the unconverted?? :smile:

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Good question. Here are few ways:

  1. Nutritionally complete powdered food
  2. Everything your body needs in the correct ratios
  3. The no hassle affordable balanced diet
  4. It’s like protein powder but contains everything your body needs
  5. The cheaper, faster, more balanced, more humane, alternative to “real” food
  6. Or how about Human Fuel? That where we got the name from H from Human, and uel from Fuel.

Would like to hear your ideas on how to explain it in the office.


Thanks Julian, I think I’ll keep the ‘faster’ bit to myself. My boss is a real slave driver, he’ll be buying us all Huel every day so he can get out of giving us a lunch hour!

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Actually, I might suggest Huel to him, his diet’s pretty poor (he’s on first name terms with all of the takeaways near work). Some good nutrition might improve his mood! :wink:

Good idea @Tilly, takeaways are expensive and rarely good for you, plus you often hear horror stories about the conditions the food is prepared in.

Point him in the direction of this site Tilly:

I checked some of my favourite takeaways in it some time ago and the results by and large were not good. I felt sick when I saw some of the ratings. Heaven knows what I’ve been eating over the years!!!

At least with Huel you mix it yourself so you know what you’re getting and someone’s not sneezed all over it! :wink:

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or this one in Brooklyn 99. If ever there was a chance for smart product placement, this is it.


Regurgitated porridge.

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John plz :sob: