How do you explain Huel in a nutshell to friends?

Everytime people at work ask me what I’m drinking and I try to explain that it’s a “nutritonally complete” meal, they don’t quite get what I mean - so how do you explain it in a nutshell to people?

Also, someone asked me today, if I had 100% Huel for a day would I get the same nutrients from my day that I would from having “5 a day” (fruit/veg)?


I just go for the derp option and tell them “it’s like a protein shake”

I know it’s wrong but it’s easier :slight_smile:


I say it’s a smoothie. This is slightly easier for me because I add berries, so it looks very much like a typical smoothie. If they ask what I’ve got in it, I describe Huel as the base for the smoothie that has loads of vitamins plus enough fat, fibre, and carbs to keep me full and happy.


“Its basically blended oatmeal and vitamins thats gonna help me not be a tubber.”


I call it my magic porridge potion

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That sounds like something out of Viz Profanisaurus! :stuck_out_tongue:


My answer… “Breakfast. Yum”.

We have made a suggestion here:

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It’s like:

Would you take a pill every day so that you wouldn’t have to eat to stay alive, but still could eat if you wanted to, just for fun?


Would you drink a tiny milkshake every day so that… etc.

It’s literally just this.

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I’m drinking Huel in the office as well so I get a lot of questions.
My answer is simple: It contains everything I need for my lunch and it only takes me 5 mins start to end of the meal. It’s cheap and tasty and I’ve another 55 mins to do whatever I want during my lunch break.
There are now 4 of us :slight_smile:


The bowl of runny snot in The Matrix.


meal replacement, also, just give them a mean look while you say it, they won’t ask further


“Just my usual gray goo” :slight_smile:

“It’s like a protein shake but has everything else that the body needs not just protein so it can replace a meal rather than be in addition to one"

I work off shore and bring 6 bags with me each swing, all the lads are very intersted in it, and want to try it, at least three of my mates are no using Huel, i should become a reseller :wink: