Want more information before buying

Right so I’m really interested in this but what I want to know is this product filling? If I have one of these shakes in the morning will I be sustained until lunch? Or is this basically just another vamped up vitamin shake?

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Hey Ross,

I work for Huel, but I just thought I’d start off by saying that it really does fill me up. If I have Huel in the morning it keeps me going, but other people have said they like sipping it throughout the day to keep them full. I’m sure others will have more to say on that.

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90%+ Hueler here :slight_smile:

I do find it filling, but replacing three meals with three shakes didn’t work out for me, instead I have four shakes a day and that works great.

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I’m with Tristan. i don’t just eat Huel but find that it feels you up but not for sustained amount of time so its better to spread your calories out through out the day rather then just 3 shakes. I got to say actually quite enjoy drinking Haul though. Especially with the mocha flavour pack!

I usually have huel at around 12 o’clock for lunch and I am fine until 6 or 7. It really feels more like porridge than a drink.

100% Huel only - well other than cups of tea and water.

3 large blended drinks then refrigerated overnight. Taken as breakfast, lunch, late afternoon / evening.

I’m happy, certainly suiting my purpose. Fills me, no cravings.

I’ve definitely been finding recently that making it to a thicker consistency keeping me satisfied for longer, even when consuming the same total number (or sometimes fewer) number of scoops in total per day.

For breakfast I may make my Huel the night before and keep it in the fridge and then eat at my desk at 8.30am and I am good till 1pm as long as am drinking water. (3 scoops). I guess everyone is different and trying different combinations important. For instance I am thinking of trying 2 scoops and more portions for a change…My wife uses 1 scoop and 400ml for breakfast and is fine with that.

Right you are winning me over, just one more question… Would this help whilst bulking? On top of a standard 3-4 meals a day could I substitute mass shakes for huel? Could I even have a mix of all for super high cal intake or would it start messing up my gut?

Also I don’t have great experience with using water with protien shakes (no idea why, just makes me gag and I have to neck it all and pray) so I use milk. Could I do this with huel?

Hundred Percenter here (since November). Love the stuff. Always stuffed, no cravings, loads of energy for training and recovery is faster than ever before. Re: mixing with milk - you can do whatever you like with it.

I normally just have a butter coffee in the morning, then have a Huel for lunch.

That fills me up, but everyone is different and it depends on how thick/big the Huel is.

I usually have 150g of Huel in 600ml of water. Fills me up more than a 100g / 400ml water drink.

Maybe work out how many calories you are eating now for breakfast and then make a Huel drink with the same amount?

I’m using Huel for weight gain and it’s great - I have four scoops per shake (640 calories’ worth) and have that four times a day, for 2560 calories total :slight_smile: you can mix more in per shake or have more shakes per day … very customisable

Just wanted to add a note on the subject of sustenance; I almost never drink a whole bottle of huel in one sitting. Its quite filling, its convenient to make a bottle and drink slowly throughout the day. I never feel hungry doing this, because I am effectively grazing.

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Totally my experience too.

Conversely, I drink about 610 ml / 150 g of Huel in about 10 minutes for each serving.

Thank you all for your input, been won over! I will soon be buying my first batch and then probably subscribing if I get along well with it. Very excited to put this product to the test :slight_smile:

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