When you have Huel at work, what are the most common questions people asked you?

Although many of us aren’t ‘back to work’ as usual it feels like many of us will start heading back soon. I’m interested to know, when you were ‘at work’…

What questions do people ask you about Huel, and how do you answer?

Could be ‘at work’ or just generally out and about. They could be questions or just comments! These are ones I’ve been asked by people (not at work!).

  • What’s that you’re drinking?
  • Why don’t you eat real food?
  • Is it full of chemicals?
  • That’s not good for you.

Definitely you get bewilderment here, as they mostly associate liquid food with illness - where people have to drink it for some sort of medical condition or recuperative regime.

There’s generally a mix of mild amusement and disbelief when you explain what it is but nothing too dismissive as there are a lot of vegetarians (due to the city’s high Buddhist population) and it also gets the nod of approval from the Islamic people who ask me about it.

The Australians – well they can’t handle it at all. It’s not meat so there’s no interest – just a ‘good for you if it works but that’s not for me’ etc etc.

One of the original and still my favourite question was ‘is it spaceman food’ – to which I answered ‘yes’.


This. All 4 of them. In that order. Followed by a pointless debate where most people don’t want to listen.

“Is drinking that stuff the reason you look so hot and sexy?” is the most common one.


:laughing: But what do you say?!

This is kinda what I might say :point_down: if I’m feeling eloquent. But worded not so confrontational!

What’s that you’re drinking?
It’s Huel, it’s like a super nutritious smoothie. It’s got all the stuff you need to keep healthy in but it only takes a minute or so to make.

Why don’t you eat real food?
I do, and Huel is too (it’s basically blended oats and protein and flaxseed and other good stuff). But Huel is cheap and tasty too and means I’ve got more time to do whatever I want during my lunch break.

Is it full of chemicals?
Yes. As are all foods. Everything is made of chemicals

That’s not good for you.
In what way? It’s got every vitamin and mineral in, loads of protein, it keeps me full. It’s better than what I was eating before.

That’s a great one!

My sister’s partner used to take the pee out of me for drinking it with all those sorts of questions, but now he (and my sister) drink it regularly - he drinks it every day, she does several times a week.

is that a protein shake?

then i reel off a list of every single ingredient.

then conclude; “its good for you”.

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Someone looks at me drinking Huel
Them: “Arn’t you going to have lunch?”
Me: “This is lunch”
Them: “Oh your one of THOSE people”

I didn’t have this problem at my old job as it was a small group and they all saw my need for Huel when I came down with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.

I don’t even bother to talk to people about what it is when people come with that kind of attitude because they have already made their judgment and I don’t want to waste my time trying to convince anyone other wise.

Which I know is not good for Huel as a brand but if people are genuinely interested then I will happily talk to them which I have done and even converted a few people.

(Side note which is unique to my situation: I have a very low tolerance for idiotic questions and arguments at the moment. Especially when it comes to food and if I ate what thy ate at lunch time I would vomit all over the office and be sent home every lunch time.)

  • What’s that you’re drinking?
    It’s food, just in a shake. I’m still holding out for pills but this’ll do for now.

  • Why don’t you eat real food?
    Why don’t you? (They’re usually eating a crappy sandwich deal. Really though, this is quicker and easier.

  • Is it full of chemicals?
    Shrugs. It’s Oats. Everything is a chemical.

  • That’s not good for you.
    It is though.

All four of those plus

So is it like slimfast?
No, it’s handy for dieting but it’s not a diet. It’s just food.


You really need to start pointing out the obvious pitfalls of mixing a powdered drink in space. Huel is awesome, but NASA will never be interested lol.


I had kind of a new years resolution this year to be more proud of who I am and not hide what I do and like, and part of that was bringing Huel to work and having it for lunch every once in a while. The questions I got were:
“What does it taste like?” Answer: Vanilla.
“Is it good?” Answer: Yes.
“Is it filling?” Answer: Yes, surprisingly so.
“Is that a protein shake?” Answer: No, it a meal shake.
“So it’s a meal replacement?” Answer: No, it’s a meal.
“Is that all you eat?” Answer: Right now, yes. Overall, no.
“Liquid food again today?” Answer: Yep.


I normally tend to just lie. If they ask me what is inside I say just water (I use a steel bottle).

Other times I say its just mashed or blended vegetables

Its just too much work to explain this and in Spain this idea is still quite crazy.

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if they start a conversation with spaceman food, the logistics of eating in zero gravity is probably a non-starter :rofl:

maybe in the bars - they’re already packaged in a rocket ship appropriate colour scheme :thinking:


The questions I get the most are:
Where’s your lunch? (I shake the bottle and say “here”)
Is that all you’re having? (yep, it’s a complete meal!)
Will that fill you up? (yep, it’s a complete meal!)

Most people know we are currently living without a kitchen / cooking facilities and I’ve had lots of questions along the way but now people are just fairly accepting.

A few people have even tried Huel off the back of it, but no real converts.

yeah thats very common too

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Haha this make me chuckle!

That’s totally fair, I bet you’ve explained a few times before at your old place and really it’s tiresome to do it repeatedly. Weird how they judge your lunch so much. Also, cyclic vomit syndrome sounds awful, I’m so sorry you’re suffering with it.

@Tristan I love your responses! And yes I would love to see the chaos that ensued opening Huel in space!

So judgey :confused:

Nice responses Tami!


Strange how some people see a powder/liquid meal as incomplete. Also anything that’s not ‘meat and two veg’ is not good for you. My late stepmother used to think I never had a ‘good hot meal’ because I was ‘vegetarian’. She thought I ate cheese salad all the time :leafy_green: :tomato: :carrot: :cheese: Lord knows what she would have made of Huel :laughing:


Actually you could well be right. NASA were looking into meal bars not so long ago. I thought planned are would be a good match but now huel bars are in touch, @Tim_Huel you should give NASA or ESA a call :wink:

Could we get someone up on the vomit comet with a shaker and bag of Huel to do a “how not to mix huel” video? It’d be sure to be a viral hit :wink:


Huel Bars on the ISS - that would be like hitting the mother load of PR coups

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