Why Huel is not a Meal Replacement

Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your pets. You can finally just chuck a link their way to explain why Huel is not a protein shake or a meal replacement, it’s simply food.


Nice article!!

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I see what you mean, and whilst this is true, Huel can still be seen to be replacing the meal you would have had if you hadn’t started eating/drinking Huel :grinning:

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But what if you swap from an unhealthy meal, to a healthier meal – is the healthier meal a ‘meal-replacement’?

Technically, yes. But we’re arguing semantics really aren’t we?

Fair points @Bee and @Dan. In the EU, meal replacements are legally defined and you can see that Huel doesn’t fit into that bracket.

The way I look at it is it’s also about changing the mindset of how people see Huel simply because it is a little different to a meal deal for example.


I think the way a lot of people view it doesn’t reflect what it really is, sure.

For instance, one of the people I work with refers to them as Slimfast, despite me explaining what it is more than once.

However, people can change their minds. My partner balked at the idea of using Huel in her diet at first but now she only has Huel and fruit during the week. This was because she saw the effect it had on me.

I think if you’ve got an existing customer base (which you clearly do) and a strong product (once again, you do) then people will come round to it but it won’t happen overnight.


For myself, I see Huel as a wholesome and nutritious food which is presented and prepared in a different way to the more traditional foods. Which is what I tell people who ask. How different people view foods like Huel is naturally going to be very subjective. It has certainly changed my dietary habits for the better by far.


I’ve often been guilty of referring to Huel as a meal replacement, and it has taken a while for me to alter this mindset and I was keen on the concept of Huel from the first time I read about it.

It’s funny how many people looked at me weirdly when I started drinking it; now both my sister and her partner who are fitness instructors drink it regularly, and my wife who thought it was another stupid fad of mine drinks it too (same as @Dan’s partner). Several friends of mine have bought and use it, two female friends just mentioned it in conversation - they don’t know each other - one works in a shop (her own) and finds Huel fits in with not being able to nip out to lunch etc., and the other regularly commutes from here to London and found it easy to adopt into her diet. None of the people I know use it as a weight loss tool, although I personally did for a bit. As @Bee said above it has changed my dietary habits for the better.


Good read.

I still have problems convincing myself the things you have pointed out in the article. It’s easy to get caught up in the social norms and habits of others around you. I’m still currently the only person I know who consumes huel, however I know everyone is missing out :relieved:

When I started I didn’t know anybody else who did it.

Now my partner and two of my colleagues use it (not all to the same degree though).

It’s really interesting to hear all your different view points. By the sound of things, especially if you’re an early Hueler, you all have open minds which helps.

Well, good job.

That article was a pending task from Huel, define what it really is. Comparing huel with soup to define Huel as just food is a nice move.

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Just because it’s not marketed as one doesn’t mean it can’t be considered one. By using it as such, you eliminate the need for a meal like breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

So yeah…:upside_down_face:

The US has no regulations on meal replacements

We Americans have the nonsensical FDA , but we do it right here.

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“It’s food, Jim. Just not as we know it…”


But that’s exactly the point, you don’t eliminate the need for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Huel is breakfast, lunch or dinner!