'Trust me, I'm a doctor' - tonight, BBC2, 8:30pm

Huel could be featured on Trust Me, I’m a Doctor tonight at 8:30pm on BBC2. :crossed_fingers: We haven’t seen the footage, so are excited and nervous to see what they say. Tune in and let us know what you think.


Should be interesting. A lots going to depend on the nutritionist involved I reckon. A lot just don’t seem to get the concept or can’t accept anything other than “whole” foods are healthy.

I have set it to record, then going to see the feedback on content here since i wont have access to the tv for a couple of days anyway, haha

is it going to be uploaded anywere? From Spain I cant access to the BBC website, only if they upload it after

You didn’t miss much. The only interesting part for those of us who already know about Huel, is that in their tests the Huel was processed and digested much faster than a “solid breakfast” and the guy felt hungry sooner. But they didn’t say what his “solid breakfast” actually was, only that it had the same nutritional value as the Huel.

edit: from the accompanying article:

Also I bet Huel won’t be happy that the nutritional scientist said Huel “is not food” even though she thought it was a good product.

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They showed smoked salmon and eggs and ither healthy food but wasnt clear if that was what he had.
Was a pretty good review/ test of huel. No mention of the bad smelly wind you get from huel though!

It was typical BBC layman reporting. But itbwas fairly interesting if you imagine it is aimed just people curious who may now well try it. If there are enough “buy curious” people there may be a spike in sales in next few days. Nutritionally it came out well and overall positive for the product in my opinion.

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“It’s not food” is a pretty negative thing to say; it completely goes against Huel’s messaging. But the publicity is probably still a positive thing.

We got the usual spiel about food being a social thing too, like anyone has ever suggested having Huel at dinner parties.

I would be down for that though. A big fucking Huel cauldron and everyone gets ladles and digs in.


Yes the not food thing did stand out and maybe keeos the weirdo and geek message on point. Aside from that i stand by my initial thoughts. A better product review than i expected

I’ve recorded it. Will watch tomorrow.

Lots more detail here:

and a link to the programme here:

I would have prefer red it if Oswald Moseley presented it. He could have reviewed Huel Blackshirt.

From the article:

I thought Huel contained polyphenols. Is that not correct?

Exactly how drunk are you right now?

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Called it :slight_smile:


“It’s not food” is just flat-out wrong though. It’s just luxury porridge, and you put it into your stomach and it feeds you. I don’t understand a nutritional scientist studying a person eating a type of food, ending by saying “it’s not food”. How is it not? The guy ate it and it fed him.

Like, when my mum says “it’s not food”, that’s fine. My mum buys organic toothpaste and homeopathic dog medicine. I expect a person qualified to talk about food to be a little bit better.

(She buys it for dogs not for herself)

(The medicine not the toothpaste)


That’s why I say they don’t get the concept :slight_smile: - they just can’t understand Complete Foods on a fundamental level. They see chemicals and ingredients they can’t pronounce and rail against them whilst somehow not realising that every kind of food is made of chemicals and ingredients they can’t pronounce.


But I don’t see how that’s possible in this case. She’s a nutritional scientist at a university. I assume that requires some level of education.

You never know, she might have made one offhand comment in a long series of insightful points about Huel and the editor selected the soundbite that made “good TV”.

I’m not linking it here because it’s mortifying but I did an interview with the beeb about Huel a couple of years ago; we talked for about 30 mins and they used like 10 seconds of it

Oh you’re probably right. She might have said “to me, food is a social ritual and an important aspect of culture. Huel is good but it’s not food”.

I’m imagining a clip of you saying “I shat myself into a parallel universe”.


It can’t be that hard to find. Ryan, Huel, BBC. To Google!