Rubbish diet, going to try Huel

Just an introduction really.

I’m 32 yo Male.
I skip breakfast every day, eat crisps and chocolate for lunch at work and have a vegetable/fruit free dinner.
My favourite foods are Steak, Curry and Pizza, and my colleagues laugh at my lunchtime diet of Crisps and Chocolate. I’m a meat man.

I’m keen to see if I feel any better having Huel for breakfast, lunch and from time to time dinner.

IF I feel better after a few weeks of Huel I’ll have a choice: continue using, or start eating healthier.

I’ll let you know my thoughts again when I’ve finished my first order.




Interested to hear how you get on and whether it satisfies your junk food tooth

I’m at the point now where I don’t even care how it tastes, I just want to try eating healthily to see what affect it has (I’m hoping I’ll wake up with more energy). That said, I did order vanilla… if it’s like the Vanilla protein shakes I used to use I’ll probably get addicted to it!

Good luck with it! Look foward to hearing how it goes