Huel for lunch, but what for breakfast and dinner?

Hey guys :slight_smile:

So I suffer from serious analysis paralysis when it comes to food, I constantly toss up between cheap food and healthy food and it causes so much anxiety and indecision that I end up buying something that’s both expensive AND bad for me. Go figure.

I’m 26 and a fussy eater (always have been, have got significantly better since my late teens though) and also have weird dietary requirements, like no onions, no spice, no tomatoes and also no sauces or dressings unless they’re fresh (as in no preservatives). This makes work lunches especially difficult, because I don’t really eat salads or sandwiches and don’t have much kitchen space in the office. Also very difficult to flavour things without those key ingredients. FYI I’m 165cm and 65kg (my ideal weight would be 60kg), I’ve been injured for two months but can start working out again next week. I am worried about beginning to count calories however as I have a pretty addictive personality, and don’t want it to become an obsession.

I have used Huel (vanilla) for two weeks as my lunch, I’ve got the Chocolate, Cacao, Caramel and Toffee flavours and I honestly love it. I’m keen to continue with Huel for lunch but wondered if someone could help me with feedback on my other two meals?

For breakfast I usually have one of the following:
Two scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast with butter
Smoked salmon and light cream cheese on wholegrain bagel
Greek yoghurt, muesli and honey
A banana/spinach/PB smoothie

For dinner I usually have:
A wrap, two breaded chicken tenders (frozen), lettuce, carrot, cheese and aioli (the only brand that doesn’t cause me problems!)

In terms of snacks I usually need one in the afternoon and another after dinner (I eat around 8pm and sleep around 1am), and I usually have:
Carrot sticks
Salted cashews

Can anyone provide any suggestions on if this sounds okay, or if there’s anything that should be added/swapped? Would love some more healthy snack ideas that are easy and cheap too.

Apologies for the long AF message, just thought this forum might be able to give me some good feedback :slight_smile:

You can put banana :banana: and PB in Huel. :yum:

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Hi :grinning: I have 60g Huel granola with 100ml almond or oat milk for breakfast. Huel shake for lunch. Occasionally Huel for dinner if I eat out for lunch or have a 100% Huel day. Usually dinner is veg, veg and more veg :yum:


Great to have you on the team. I think your situation is so common and it’s great that Huel can help you out. Nutritional anxiety is totally understandable in a world where professionals can’t seem to work out if fat is good or bad (everything in moderation obviously :ok_hand: ), if they can’t come to a decision then how are the general population?

Your other meals seem great, perhaps just defrost the chicken before eating it :wink:


Avoiding refined carbs, trans-fats and @hunzas are the best things to do to improve ones health imo :grimacing: