Using Huel to help cut the snacks

I’ve been using Huel for a few months now. I started as it was a convenient and consistent choice for lunch which I could keep in the office and never find myself without a suitable lunch. It also allowed me to keep a track on my calories more closely (before, my sandwiches and assorted fruit would vary in calories and glycemic index).
I now use a 500 calorie serving every lunchtime and it helps me to ride out the afternoon and the post-lunch slump and, most importantly, avoid snacking.
The convenience factor also prevents me from having to spend a lot of money on less healthy alternatives should I find myself without anything suitable while at work.
I have tried a few different flavours but, having a sweet tooth, I have settled on the chocolate flavour as my favourite and the one which I think tastes the best (though I have enjoyed banana with toffee flavor boost!). I haven’t gotten tired of the flavour, but do sometimes feel in the mood for a solid lunch rather than liquid when I can find a suitable alternative, which is easier when working from home as I have my full fridge and kitchen at my disposal rather than when I’m at the office and only have Asda’s finest to chose from.
It works well and now I just need to find more healthy snacks to eat throughout the day (experimenting with yogurt, oats and berries - about 300 calories mid-afternoon). Any suggestions would be welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I found that pickles (onions, kimchi, sauerkraut etc) made for good snacks as they were low calorie and the vinegars in them also neutralised sweet/sugar cravings. I would eat this as is or add them to a simple green salad of baby spinach, cucumber etc.

Dairy free yogurts were also good to have but were almost too good :grinning:

My favourite snack is a homemade ‘trail mix’. I’ll bulk buy various nuts, seeds and dried fruit then make up a batch in an air tight container. Then I have a smaller pot and just need to fill that whenever I feel the need to take a snack out with me.

Granted it’s a little bit of effort compared to other options but the benefits to me (principally cost, taste and health) have been massive. I love the fact that I can adjust my recipe however I like too - keeps things interesting!