Original Flavour Huel is Back!

I was excited when I saw this! I liked Original.

Hope you like it guys! It’s great to have it back.


My 1st order of version 3 will ship on Friday, looking forward to tasting it.

Always used original - tried new vanilla but did not like that at all. Tasted coffee and berry but neither were strongly flavoured for me.

Original all the way - hopeful for V3!

Guys can someone explain me what’s the difference between original, vanilla and no aroma? Mostly original and no aroma.

@Tim_Huel I think you should place a tooltip to explain this near to “original” otherwise only old fans will understand :laughing:

Vainilla is technically “better” with less sucralose, but there is a beef with the flavour that even I dont understand. I use Vainilla just as a flavour boost sometimes, I cant stand the sweetness by its own without UU.

@Tim_Huel Could you make a little recap on why there is still so many problems between Original and Vainilla? Which are the other differences, beside the sucralose proportions?

U/U Hueligans reading users argue about Original vs Vainilla:

Haha, do you mean Unflavoured & Unsweetened? Can’t help but think back to our chat about Ray Holt, “Original No Flavour and Whole Wheat No Flavour” :laughing:

Vanilla - Vanilla flavoured Huel, light natural flavour, not to sweet but not bland.
Original - much more sweet, much less Vanillary, more oaty and a little malty. Original refers to it being the first flavour we had, not the flavour profile.
Unflavoured - as it says, no flavour, no sweetness apart from the whole ingredients.

That’s why we’ve got the explainer below the flavour!

@airiartev I think you’ve recapped the differences well with the quotes from other threads, but the only problem was the difficulty of matching Original but only using natural flavours.


As we used to say at my old firm “same same but different”


So is flavouring and sweetener used to give Original its “natural oaty taste”? :exploding_head:

The malty taste for sure, but the oaty taste is from the oats! Original is sweet, and less vanilla-ry so the oaty flavour is masked less than with Vanilla Huel.


this is why I like it.

Sorry for asking what might be a dumb question @Tim_Huel but what does the ‘G’ stand for in the O.G. is back?


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:laughing:Thanks @Jem Should have tried urban dictionary as I usually do :woman_facepalming:t2:


I’ve seen Ice-T play live several times with BodyCount. Charming band with some quite controversial lyrics and liberal use of the word Mother*****r.

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Being “a little behind” these silly phrases is actually a compliment!

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Hi @Bee I’m glad you asked because like you I would never have known what it meant either. :crazy_face:


Lol good to know I’m not alone :grin:

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Bunch of squares.

That’s a smashing band, old fruit! They love the good old boys in blue.

It’s quite bizarre that T now plays a cop in a TV show.

Yeah, they always play Cop Killer live. I’ve not seen the Law and Order show. I like the anti-vegan sentiment of their last album.

Just had my first Original V3 shake and I am pleased to say that if I hadn’t been aware that it had changed then I doubt I would have known.

That is pretty much what I wanted as I have been happy on the Original for a couple of years now so was concerned if the flavour had not been continued.