Channel 5 lose a stone for Christmas

Huel is a shake (and yes the makers say its food). You put it in a blender or the shaker to mix it. And it is a diet everyone is on a diet, the meaning of a diet is the kind of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. Ie vegeatarian diet, meat diet HUEL diet!
For the record ive been on huel for over a year so have no issues with it

Semantics aside, the crux of the argument here is that the producers of the program are presenting its use in an unhealthy and unsustainable manner for purely theatrical effect.

I’ve just watched the show and the “huel diet” is 3, 500 kcal shakes and 1, 250 kcal bar a day. i don’t think eating 1750 kcal of huel a day is that bad for a diet. I agree that jen should have introduced to huel slowly but the diet itself doesn’t seem bad and she lost the 1 stone in the weeks

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I thought it was brilliant! Why wouldn’t you watch something called “Lose a Stone For Christmas…And Fit Into Your Party Frock”? First episode titled “Jen, Alicia, Stoil and Lucy try out various fad diets.”, quality TV making :muscle:

Fortunately Huel was only mentioned 3 times with branding obscured, and the woman lost the stone, so that’s a positive. They skipped over any struggles she may have had and went straight to the results.

The idea is that it’s not a sustainable diet, it’s supposed to be a kick start into something sustainable. However it was pure rubbish TV that had fabulous imagery of food you’re not supposed to be eating. That always makes me hungry :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, I almost take offence at " My 600-lb Life" being trash. That has to be one of the more serious looks at the consequences of being overweight and the effort it takes to lose fat.

Hi what day is the programme on. I can’t find it. I did see the programme with Ruth Langford but it was just a one off programme. Thanks

I went on the my 5 website and looked at the description as they listed the names of who was involved jen was the one who had huel. I think it aired 7th November.

Here is the link -

I just need a christmas frock.

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Just because something is a “shake diet” it is not bad per se - as the definition of shake is primarily focussed on the texture of something. And it’s not the texture but the nutritional profile that makes the difference between “healthy” and “unhealthy”…

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Is it just me or is this program ages old? On the my5 site it lists it as being aired on Thursday 7th November which would have been last year. I watched the first 10 minutes and thought it seemed very familiar. I’m fairly sure I watched it a long time ago as I remember the guy and his Mum’s home cooking, the woman who eats 20 chicken nuggets as a snack and the sugar addict.

Maybe they repeated it recently but I’m sure it’s from last year.

I did wonder this myself when @Blobbymatt said the bar they were giving the Huel participant was 250kcal and Huel moved to a 200kcal bar a year ago.

The episode including huel that i watched did in fact air in 2019 according to the channel 5 website. The air dates of each episode are listed in the link below.

Channel5 Lose a Year for Christmas.

In fact 2020 would have been an ideal shit show to lose eh folks?


Yea I think the programmes must have shown last year as I vaguely remember someone being asked to do huel for their diet. I remember thinking at the time that they would not be easing into high fibre as we are advised. I often wonder if they managed to keep the weight off as they were to drop quickly. You don’t seem to get any follow up to these programmes. :thinking: