Channel 5 lose a stone for Christmas

Noticed that one of the diets they have given a parcipatant of the tv programme on ch 5 lose a stone for Christmas is Huel.
Wonder how it will go!?

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Huel has been featured on a few programs like this. There’s normally something they say that we cringe about in the office so I’m not holding my breath!

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Oh gosh here we go again! I haven’t seen this show but let me guess:

  • Participant is consuming 100% Huel, possibly not easing in to it
  • Possibly their own BMR hasn’t been taken into account. They may just be eating 2000kcal regardless of their own requirement
  • Conclusion will be that “They lost weight but wouldn’t want to give up food so it’s not for them.”


Will need to check it out!


it seems to be getting a lot of backlash in the press for being totally irresponsible -

Seems they were told to only eat 800 calories a day - spoiler alert - unsurprisingly they all lost at least a stone.

Oh well that sounds really sustainable and not at all dangerous or irresponsible.

Le sigh.


What’s that saying… if it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid.

I was being sarcastic. 800 calories per day is not in any way sustainable. Furthermore, unless under specific medical supervision it is potentially dangerously low.

The fact that they put this into a television programme which can be viewed by, well, anyone, is in my opinion irresponsible.

Young people have a hard enough time with body image as it is, promoting a diet of 800 calories a day Is reprehensible.

Me too, agreed 100%

They werent all told to eat 800 calories only the one who was doing the Fast 800 diet! Get facts right please

Personally I find all these types of shows and media publicity stunts to be pure stupidity. The biggest loser, my 600 pound life, or any of their various clones.

They all make a healthy lifestyle out to be some kind of get rich quick scheme, or get thin quick I suppose.

I was quoting from a British news source as the whole series had not even aired and they were reviewing it - the only relevant fact is, even if they only had one contestant doing it - it’s still hugely irresponsible trash TV.

So you based your views on what a review has said? :rofl::rofl::thinking: Some say shake diets are pretty irresponsible which is what Huel is.

you can park the entitled trolling - there’s plenty enough of that around here already and no one has any need for it

Hilarious someone has a different opinion and points out flaws in your argument and you call it trolling. No its called free speech and not against the law in the UK.

No one mentioned the law, sunshine. Wind your neck in.

no I call describing Huel as a sake (I presume you mean fake) diet on the Huel forum as trolling.

I thought they meant actual sake. I’ve been using water but I’m willing to change. :yum:


I think they meant shake diet. But Huel isn’t a shake diet. It’s food, in a shake. Whether you have one a week or ten a week is entirely your choice.

Some say what?