Loosing 9 stone

Hello, I am on my 3rd day of having 1 per day and I love the taste and have not had any tummy problems. I am going to eventually go on a full Huel diet. I have worked out that I need to have 1,624 cals to lose 1lb p/w, I am obese due to a sedentary lifestyle caused by fibromyalgia. I am type 2 diabetic and I need to keep my sugar in check and to lose weight drastically. I have started to take an hour walk with my walker each day. I am really hoping that I have found something that will really help me. Do you think that in time I will reach 11 stone using Huel. I do take lots of vitamins at present.


Obligatory height, weight, sex and age? :slight_smile:

Hello I am 71, female, 20 stone, height 5’ 4"

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Sound similar to my grandmother!

For a loss of 1lb per week, we typically advise a 500 calorie deficit on your maintenance figure, giving us as you say 1600 calories.

For the sake of a sedentary lifestyle, it’s probably reasonably safe to drop that to a 1500 calorie intake and experience weight loss at a slightly faster rate, 1.2lb per week.

Weigh in every day at exactly the same point (after waking, after using the toilet, naked) and see how you end up. Weight loss will be slow and steady and will vary from day to day depending on digestive tract content, water retention etc.

If you can, download ‘MyFitnessPal’ to track both your calories and your weight - It’ll draw you a graph of your weigh ins and you’ll be able to see the trend a lot better.

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Thank you for replying. It will probably take a while to lose the fat. I love vegetables and fruit, so I shall snack on raw foods during the day. Would that be ok do you think as I cannot see that Huel has any veggies in it. What about the 5 per day. I have just looked on My Fitness Pal and it seems they have been hacked. So I will leave that for now, but thank you for the rest of the helpful information.

You’ll get mixed responses around here.

Scientifically, Huel contains all necessary vitamins and minerals for a nutritionally complete diet. Theoretically, you could eat only Huel for the rest of your life and never touch vegetables again.

However, in practice I’m sceptical of this and supplement my Huel with eggs, chicken and a lot of green veggies (brocolli, spinach, peas, green beans).

If you throw in some fruit and vegetables, make sure you note the extra calories. Especially nuts, which are very high in energy.

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Yes I will make sure I keep a check on all the calorie intake. Brilliant. Thank you.

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I wish you good luck :slight_smile: You can do this!

Thank you…