To lose one stone


I now have one stone to lose before a holiday in August (lockdown permitted obvs). I was following normal 5:2 diet for a few weeks (using huel here and there) and I quickly lost 4lb but I got so unbelievably constipated… I’ve always had a slow bowel so probably wasn’t the best idea. So I’ve decided to actually take huel more seriously (with all its yummy goodness) and try a more regular routine of 2 huels a day and one normal meal in the evening. I absolutely love the 3.0 vanilla.
Wondering if anyone wants to come on a “To Lose One Stone” (14lb for those not in the UK) journey with me? With weekly weigh ins on a Friday morning?
I will weigh in tomorrow.

sounds like you are not taking enough water into your diet as well Huel - drinking more will ease this as well as quelling hunger pangs.

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Hi Phil,

Thanks. I do drink a tonne of water. I have really slow motility I think and possibly hypothyroidism (runs heavily in my family). Was diagnosed with IBS-C when 14. I would love huel to help me with this.

I will do it with you. I have been trying to lose weight for about a month being on huel, two shakes a day and then an evening meal. I have put on 2 pounds! I’ve found the constipation too but after drinking more water it helps.

I never drank any water before mind! So my body is having some big changes!

Great. Let’s do this. Hopefully we might inspire some more people to join us along the way. Don’t forget to weight yourself tomorrow morning and report in.

Morning. 29/05/20

My weight : 13st 9lb 1/2

Good morning. Ok 29/05/20

My weight: 10st 12.8lb.

Hows it going? I’ve kept under 2000 calories a day all week so fingers crossed will be good for Friday weigh in, used to do it sundays so is a little be if a change!

Hello, humm well not too well. Bowels total nightmare so I ate “normally” over the weekend and have sorted myself out. Hopefully all the damage I did with the fasting is now behind me. Back on 2 X huel today (Monday) and will continue this every day this week.
Well done re 2000 calories. This week I’m aiming for around 1600 as my tdee is 2000. So 400 for both breakfast and lunch and then maybe an 800 calorie evening meal. Will use my calorie app to tract it.

I’ll do this with you! I already lost four stones since September last year and would like to lose two more before September this year - but have hit a total plateau in lockdown. Have to very consciously ramp up my exercise now because my calorie intake is below 2000 and I don’t want to go lower than 1600.

Hi Karl, that’s an amazing loss so far. Welcome to our 14lb journey.

My bowels were horrible at the start just got to preserve and yes cut back or eat normally when you want. Just watch the calories! I virtually starve myself at work with 2 shakes at 200 calories each then have a good meal at home, seems to settle the bowels. Makes me keep busy at work so I dont snack!

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Thats awesome about the weight loss!!

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I’m just starting my weight loss journey using Huel (my order arrived today)… I’ve tried Huel before and didn’t get along but I’m determined now. I need to do something dramatic to change my weight so I may be joining with posting my weight to shame myself into being honest about it & getting some moral support along the way too…

So my starting weight today is 17st 3.5lbs. I will weigh on Friday and then go to weekly weight posts from there on…

Welcome! Let’s all do it together

Hi. Can I join too? I seem to have been loosing and gaining the same 9 lb for a while now. Broke my ankle in February. Just about recovered now and finally braved the scales this morning. Not impressed! Am a 5 foot 6 female. Weighed in at 11 st 10lb this morning (body fat 36.2 eek). Plan is to have two meals of huel and then a normal meal in the evening.

Can I join? … bit late to the party but need to lose more than a stone!
Im a 5’7ish female and went from 15st to 10st in 2018/9… but it’s been creeping back on and I’m shocked but not really surprised to be 12st 7!!
Need to get back to the 10s but 1 stone is a damn good start.
Will weigh again Friday.
I will be cutting out most crap and using black huel to keep carb count lower for one or 2 meals a day.
Nice to meet you. Xx



I’d like to join! I gained a stone since starting new medication so would like to get back to my comfortable weight, maybe a little less as i originally wanted to drop a few pounds anyway. I’ve lost 5 lbs so far on huel so would like to loose a stone more. Just got a delivery of huel black today, hopefully it tastes as good as the white!


Oh also a bit late to the party but can I join? Will start next Friday!

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Welcome everyone! We can do this altogether, weighing on Friday mornings!

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