I just wanted to say Hello to every one.
I started my journey with Heul yesturday Thursday. I will be having the one shake for 3 days then onto 2 shakes per day. I tend to skip meals and eat unhealthy . A new begiming and i want to loose one stone in weight…i will keep you posted …have a good day and happy Heul…x


Welcome! You shouldn’t have a problem losing a stone as long as you aren’t in a hurry. Cutting calories too much too fast will make you miserable and undermine your efforts. Stick to about a pound to a pound and a half a week and you’ll be good.


Thank you Africorn…that makes sense…I will be doing my best to umpeice my diet with the help of Huel…x

Hi Michelle. Are you going to be using something like MyFitnessPal to log your calories? I have lost 22lb in weight since last October and feel great. Good luck with your Huel journey :+1::grinning:


Copy off @Bee she is a pound a week kind of girl :honeybee: nice and steady, there’s no rush


Hi Bee I downloaded the app last night after reading threads on here. I will try and use it daily x

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Hello just a quick update…no weight loss yet. Having worked 2 night shifts, I have noticed upsets my eating and creates cravings. I have been windy lol…but from tomorrow Wed I am going to have 2 shakes per day with out fail …x

That is a common complaint.