Dieting & "Cheat" days


I’ve been using Huel for a month, as part of a diet where I consume 800 calories a day.
It’s really worked and I have lost 1.5 stone (21lbs/10kg).

I want to have a ‘treat’ day on Friday where I consume something like 2,500 calories in a meal with my wife - will this completely throw my diet off and lead to instant weight gain?

Thanks, R

Yes and no, the scales will go up the next day but you won’t throw your diet off. The increase in weight will be made up mostly in an increase in waste within the body.

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Thanks for being so quick!

Great, that sounds like I can eat, and go back to the diet the following day and keep hitting the gym.

Cheers! _R

Excellent work in the weight loss that really is good work. When you say 800 calories a day, is that of Huel or are you just having 800 calories a day? If you are only having 800 a day my only concern is that this seems way to low. When I used to cut I only go down to 1600 which got me fast results but it wasn’t ideal. Now I use Huel in my diet and have done a slower process over three months to get to where I need and only dropped to 2000 steadily adding 100 more where I see fit.

Be mindful that if you don’t eat enough in the day you could experience things like low energy levels, sleep problems, irritable mood swings and constipation.
This could lead onto other more drastic measures. Everyone is different but just please keep this in mind. Weight loss is great but sometimes doing things the quick and easy way isn’t always the most ideal.


Hey Ronin! Nice one dude.

Do you mean 2,500 over one day? It would be good to clarify this as 2,500 calories in just a meal seems quite excessive (unless you’re the Hulk!)

I agree with this👆🏻 You have to remember that dieting is not temporary but it is a lifestyle. My main concern with cutting hard is that it isn’t sustainable.

Now that you’ve lost some weight and assuming you’re wanting to lose more - I’d now suggest that you find our your TDEE and take off 500 calories. See this guide by Huel I think it’d be a great read in any case :point_right:t3: How to lose weight well | Huel Guide :point_left:t3:

This is sustainable because A) you’ll stick to it B) you minimise the chance of your body craving high-calorific foods and C) it’s enjoyable! :slight_smile:

Extra articles which I think are relevant (if you want!)
These are from the Lose Weight section in the Guides & Articles on the Huel website :white_check_mark:

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Hey there, I agree with what others have said 800kcal is on the low side.

Depending on your height and level of activity 2500kcal in a day may mean your actually eating the calories you need in one day. Regardless, one day of eating more calories is not going to cause you to put on weight. Daily intake is helpful for tracking but really we’re looking at longer term over weeks and months. This is why people often struggle to lose weight, they stick to a plan during the weekdays and ignore the weekends and wonder why they are aren’t seeing results.

Overall, I don’t like the term “cheat days”. You’re not cheating on anything, you’re just eating. As Harry has said find something you enjoy, it will make it easier to stick to. Move from dieting to lifestyle changes.


Thanks so much for this, everyone.

The diet is Fast800 - intermittent fasting (no food between 6pm and 9am) and 800 calories intake per day. I’m using Huel as 400 calories (200 cal shake for breakfast, 200 cal shake for lunch and 400 cal ‘actual meal’ in the evening).

I’m not struggling to stick with it to be honest - but now that the gyms have re-opened, I am looking toward increasing my calorific intake in line with my increased output to balance things out.

Having a big plate of fish & chips with my wife at the end of the week is a bit of a treat, and having used the calculator, I can see that I need to increase my intake, so I’ll look to that. For some reason I had it in my head that a plate of F&C was 2.5K calories - craziness!

Totally agree that it’s about lifestyle changes, they are very much in progress and Huel is an important part of that.

Thanks again everyone, your input is very much appreciated.


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So, what you’re doing is essentially a Very Low Calorie Diet, as defined by the NHS: Very low calorie diets - NHS

The NHS suggest that eating 800 calories (or less) a day should only be done under the supervision of a doctor and it’s only recommended when there’s an urgent need (eg. surgery, getting diabetes under control, that sort of thing).

I totally understand the urge to get weight loss “over and done with”, so to speak, but it’s not a surprise that you’re struggling with 800 calories a day! Unless you’re a very small person, you could definitely eat a lot more than that and continue to lose! You’ll also be much happier.

As to fish & chips being 2.5k calories - maybe? It could be? I wouldn’t know where to begin to try and guesstimate the calories in a fish supper from the chippie what with it being fried in oil and all that jazz, but it wouldn’t be a total shock if a big portion was that many calories haha. When I do have something like that though, I don’t get too hung up on the overall calories. One day won’t throw you off :slight_smile:

The Fast800 is a horrible diet! It’s good to hear you’re having no problem sticking with a lower calorie intake, go easy on yourself. It sounds like you have the right mindset.