Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming. I don’t like Christmas pudding but I like this, and it was the unanimous winner in the office. It’s rather good.


Is this for real or is it a very early April Fools joke?

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For real :slight_smile:

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Is it a flavour pouch?

Blended Huel in large pouches.

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How do we get a Christmas pudding bag in our subscription orders ? Perfect pressie for my partner :grinning:

No way. It looks like a spoof… :slight_smile:

A whole regular sized bag in Christmas Pudding flavour? Gotta be a wind up?

Is it vegan?

Apparently it even contains a sixpence…so don’t stick it in a blender.


If it exists it will be…

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Is it flammable? A flaming Huel

100% vegan, no spoof.

I’m sure with a little extra brandy it will be flammable.


@Julian has thoroughly undersold this here! It tastes incredible, the perfect amount of Christmassy-ness. Julian and Jen have had to confiscate the sample from me because I had almost polished it off.

Don’t worry, advertising for this won’t begin until the 1st. We aren’t keen on premature Christmas marketing here! But just wanted to share the news with you!


I am intrigued…but not sure I’d need a whole pack…

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Brilliant! I was just thinking about experimenting with some Christmassy flavours myself and you beat me to it! :yum:

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Looking forward to it! :smiley:

Is it free to good customers :snowman_with_snow:


Do you want it delivered to your house by Julian dressed as Father Christmas?

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Yes, I would.

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