Coconut and Pineapple flavour

Arrived this morning and love it, I don’t think it’s a flavour I’ll have all the time but it’s thoroughly enjoyable, especially combined with today’s surprise sun.

Strawberry - love it, could be a bit stronger
Toffee - subtle, but delicious
Mocha - I still miss my morning coffee, but this is lovely
Rhubarb and custard - game changer. I go through this like crazy


I thought there was only chocolate and banana for now?

Banana and chocolate weren’t there when I ordered Pincoco :frowning:

I’m a little dev’d, deciding whether to put my third order in this week ha

I also really like the Pinapple and Coconut flavour, and the Strawberry one.

It’s interesting to see you rate Rhubarb and Custard as your favourite. I’ve read that some people don’t like that.

Little tip: I think all the flavours are good, but the banana is seriously good.


I’ll happily take any folk don’t want, delicious stuff

If you still miss your morning coffee, do what I do: add a shot of espresso to your Huel. :coffee:

Wait there was a coconut and pineapple flavor before??
I actually would love a chocolate and coconut or just plain coconut flavor… I tried another’s brand YFood coconut powder and I loved it. But then I discovered it’s not vegan so…

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it was a poor selling flavour boost that got dropped along with a few others. You could always replace some or all of the water in your Huel shake with coconut water to get your fix :slight_smile:

Yeah, I actually liked this flavour boost; but was in a minority.

These are quite nice: FlavDrops™ (Natural Flavouring) | MYPROTEIN™

Me too! Shame many of the older fbs were discontinued. I also used to love banana, mocha and rhubarb and custard.

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Indeed. The original banana was my favourite for sure.

I haven’t yet tried the banana RTD but seems like the verdict is it’s a good one.

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I think you’ll like the Banana RTD, it has elements of the original Banana FB you liked. Not quite as strong but that kind of vibe.


I particularly liked @RyanT 's summing up of it.

Yes! Forgot about the old banana flavour boost but yes if you liked that then banana RTD will be right up your street

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I still kinda miss Pineapple and coconut…and rhubarb and custard.

Not taking anything away from the current flavours but the OG set were something else.


I’m with you there! I campaign to bring back Pineapple & Coconut most weeks. Don’t worry, I’ve got you guys.

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Does it go something like this?:

Cam: Can we bring back Pineapple and Coconut?
Julian: No - it made Granola look popular.
Cam: OK :cry:
Julian: Next?

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Close! My conversations with Julian are never dull. :joy:

Don’t make @Tim_Huel cry, I beg you.

The clear mistake here @Cam_Huel was never releasing a pineapple and coconut granola.

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