Coconut water

Hi everyone, have any of you ever tried Huel made with coconut water at all? I was toying with the idea, but don’t want to waste my Huel. :crazy_face:

Tried, thicker and creamier, having an after-taste of coconut (obviously), it really depends on which flavour you mix it with: chocolate + coconut, vanilla + coconut, unflavored + coconut, etc… It’s up to your tastes.

I’ve never tried it but really should. Probably best to start with Vanilla! If you go for it let us know, I would be so interested!

Aah thanks for that! I am going to try later with vanilla. Will report back!

That’s the only taste I wouldn’t go with :joy:

I’m going to give that a try when I get some chocolate, I think that would work well. I suppose I could try with the vanilla as that’s horrible anyway.