Coffee Huel + Protein + Caramel Boost = Win!

Just wanted to share the (rather simple) recipe for one of my morning favourites.

3 scoops (114g) Huel Coffee Powder, one scoop (25g with an identical scoop to the Huel ones) of PINK SUN Natural Whey Protein Isolate powder, 0.75 (3/4) teaspoon of the Huel Caramel Flavour Boost.

Mixed with 700ml worth of water and ice (as you prefer).

You can make this either with a blender (which makes it super smooth) or using the shaker bottle. It works fine with either, as this particular Whey Protein Isolate mixes super easily.

This adds 23g of Protein to your standard Huel portion’s typical 30g, changing the ratio to a Pro:Carb balance. I prefer this in the mornings (when the ground is dry) because I begin my day with between 1 and 3 hours of rollerblading. Also good before a trip to the gym (if you’re that kind of person) or any other intense workout regimen.

If you want to offset the calories a little, drop the Huel to a 2 scoop portion with 1 scoop of the Whey Protein Isolate powder. Personally, the extra 95 calories isn’t a bother (as I always run at a fairly massive calorific deficit anyway)


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Nice Simon, coffee and caramel sounds like an awesome combo, can’t believe I’ve not tried that! It’s pretty cool you start the day with an hour of rollerblading (or 3!), is that a commute, or just morning fun/exercise? I add in additional protein to my morning Huel after looking at my macronutrient intake for a week on MFP. Works for me too!

I love coffee premix and caramel fb. It’s been a firm favourite for some time now (without the added protein that is) :yum:

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Hi Tim, sadly work is a touch too far for me to commute it reliably on skates (8.6 miles and a lot of uphill)
I arrive in town and park up at usually 7am (sometimes as early as 6am if the weather is good) and get between 2 and 3 hours of skating in before riding my desk for the day from 9am.

That way I’ve already hit my goals before the day has even begun. That earns but morning Huel (with the added Protein) and gets my brain firing on all cylinders.

Take lunch at 12 and get another hour of skating in just in time for an afternoon Huel.

If the rain holds off, I’ll do between 1 and as much as 5 hours more on skates after work.

It’s not even about exercise or health for me anymore; it’s therapy :joy:

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