Finally Found Something That Works!

After lurking on the forum for a while I thought I’d finally share my newbie experience.

Here’s a little bit of background to my Huel story.

I’m a 40 something female and whilst I’ve always been pretty active I struggle a little with eating correctly for all the sporty things I tend to get up to and so most of the time it’s convenient junk at the wrong time.

At the start of August I decided that I needed to get fit for the up and coming hockey season and that wasn’t going to happen just by going for an occasional jog so I set myself out in a bit of a fitness regime and accidentally discovered Huel via a Facebook ad (so yes Huel team, they definitely work :wink:)

Started with 2 bags of original vanilla flavour just replaced breakfast initially but on evenings where I knew I’d be out training I’d have a late afternoon shake instead of a crappy ready meal.

So…7 weeks later, I’m all subscribed to 2 bags every 5 weeks or so, on hockey training nights I don’t feel bloated or out of energy and have successfully used Huel as my pre match breakfast last weekend.

To anyone that’s thinking of trying it, it can take a bit of trial and error to find a mix/flavour etc that works for you but personally I’d say give it a go!

Finally…discovered a pretty awesome tasting shake this morning:

300ml Alpro Almond Milk, coconut flavour.
3 scoops original vanilla Huel
150ml cold brewed coffee.

Blended together last night, left in the fridge to have this morning! Taste sensation!


Thank you for the lovely feedback! All the best for the coming season. :blush:



I’ve even dropped s bit of weight too just by being more mindful of what I eat.

Next year alongside hockey I’m hoping to complete some 100km walking challenges and maybe a marathon or 2, haven’t quite decided but want to set myself a target of walk/jog/running 2019 miles within the year 2019 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hoping Huel will help me with that goal :grin:

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Rather than start a new thread I thought I’d ask this in here first.

Currently I’m using around 2 bags of the original vanilla flavour every 5 weeks.

I love flavouring this with coffee particularly for my morning/breakfast shake so was also thinking of upping my order to 3 bags, 2x original vanilla and 1x coffee flavour.

So… 2 questions:

Does the coffee flavour Huel contain caffeine?
(This might have been asked but I couldn’t find anything after searching.)

Is it a strong coffee flavour? I really love strong coffee tasting things but as it stands at the moment I can get that taste hit by flavouring my original vanilla.

The main reason I ask about the caffeine is because I tend to try and avoid it after midday all bar the occasional cup of tea/coffee/coke, I think it’s iust my paranoid mind that tells me I won’t sleep well :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:

I’m considering flavouring with decaf coffee if I can find one that tastes strong enough.

Yes, 100g powder is about the same as a mug of coffee. Flavour is quite understated IMHO. Nice, but not kick like a mule.

Thanks, I think I’ll stick with original vanilla and check out decaf coffee options then.