Combating high cholesterol with Huel? (4 months on)

Hi guys,

I’ve been having Huel for breakfast and lunch every day now for the past 4 months (with the exception of 2 weeks over Christmas). I have dinner as normal, and if we’re honest, my dinner habits haven’t changed substantially and as having Huel for breakfast and lunch isn’t filling me up very well, I do think my portion sizes in the evening have increased.

I have been tracking my cholesterol using Thriva, and my first set of results before starting on Huel showed worrying levels of Chloesterol and LDL Cholesterol. Now I don’t claim to know much about this at all… which is why I’m asking you guys for your opinion - but after 4 months of Huel, I did another Thriva test to track any changes, having rid myself of any unhealthy breakfasts or lunches.

The below shows my Cholesterol levels from the test done before Huel, and 4 months on Huel for breakfast & lunch

The below shows my LDL Cholesterol levels from the test done before Huel, and 4 months on Huel for breakfast & lunch

My main reason for starting on Huel is because I’m such a fussy eater that I don’t like any veg hardly and I know my intake of important nutrients is minimal. I was hoping though that by replacing usually unhealthy breakfasts and lunches with Huel would have a noticeable effect on my Cholesterol, but it doesn’t seem to.

Unless my dinner eating habits have been so significant that it counteracts the changes made for Breakfast and Lunch?

I don’t think I can face going 100% Huel, but I’m now questioning whether I should be continuing with Huel or whether I need another solution to improve my diet.

Thanks, Joe

So your levels of good cholesterol (HDL) have gone down, but your bad cholesterol (LDL) has gone up?

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Dietary improvement is the top recommendation for reducing cholesterol, but the list continues with exercise, stopping smoking and drinking, and generally losing weight/slimming. There are also genetic factors: it could be a family thing. Could any of those be working against you?

A lot of what we’ve been told about cholesterol is just completely wrong. On my mobile at the moment, but this is a good article to start with if you want to do some research.

I’m not saying don’t try to improve your health, absolutely do, but focusing on cholesterol levels could be taking you down the wrong path.

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