Consuming less than 2000 calories of Huel per day-vitamin deficiencies?

I’ve just started using Huel and I need to consume just over 1000 calories a day. So if you get 100% of your vits and mins from 2000 calories a day surely that would mean I would get vitamin deficient? Should a take a multivitamin alongside Huel or what would you recommend?

@justme Yes, take a multi. From what I’ve read, you’re more likely to have health problems from deficiencies in vitamins than you are from having extra. So even if your multi pushes you slightly over for some nutrients, that’s better than being deficient.

I’m adding things to mine… To make weight loss a smoother journey…

Maybe someone knows more about this… I always thought, when your body processes less calories, he would also need less vitamins? The RDA are based on a 2000 kcal diet. Maybe with 1000kcal the requirements are lower? But maybe vitamin need doesnt scale proportinally with kcal intake?

Hi Jonny - that’s true of some vitamins, eg some B vitamins