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So my other half was reading the Jan 2017 cosmopolitan and I’m afraid it’s slating Huel which is worrying when you are using huel to make sure you’re getting the vitamins that your body needs when on a plant based diet. Any thoughts I’ve hopefully attached a pic of the report.

It’s not attached.

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That was a bit painful to read. Here’s a rotated, shrunk and cleaned up version:

Well done Ryan :+1: Did do a rotated one…

Oops. I didn’t see your rotated one when I posted that.

That doesn’t make sense. Minerals are minerals. They’re not going to be damaged going into powder form. Huel may be missing some though, which is presumably one of the many reasons why it’s not recommended to consume only Huel.

I don’t know about the vitamin issue, but I’d have thought that was something we could measure.

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This guy clearly didn’t look at the recipes and was instead asked his opinion of ‘liquid diets’ or something. For the most part, Huel is composed of natural ingredients which he suggests it is not. Additionally, it is completely wrong to suggest micronutrients are damaged being turned into powders - it entirely depends on the method used. Most -Lents use customised mixes which are actually made as powder in the first place. Natural ingredients are tested for their content after processing.

So yeah, don’t worry about this article.

Edit: Huel has also been reviewed by three dietitians here:

Notably, dietitian is a protected term; nutritionist isn’t.


Thank you for the reply @IcyElemental my initial thoughts were well this can’t be right as the breakdown on the back says what percent of each vitamin etc is in Huel so surely it would be kind of illegal to state that and against some sort of trading standard etc. I think Huel as a company need to get their legal on to the article as it’s false information and could have put a lot of potential customers off of buying the product.


I would imagine he didn’t even look into it. He makes his money out of actively avoiding simple solutions. Just read his blurb Blurb


I’d tend to agree with that, definitely sounds like a very brief overview to be negative on the sector.


Hi guys

We weren’t happy with that response as he is quite incorrect and he has clearly not looked at any information about Huel.

Huel is made from natural ingredients and the majority of the vitamins and minerals are present naturally from these ingredients - just the same as in other foods. The only processing that occurs is the ingredients are simply in powdered form and then blended together. Foods have been processed for thousands of years right from when man milled grains into flour in order to bake bread, and now in the manufacture of products like breakfast cereals.

We have added some additional vitamins and minerals in the same way as many other foods, for instance breakfast cereals, are fortified with extra nutrients. There is no damage to any of the nutrients as Huel is just like any other food, only in powdered form.



I dont think he looked in Huel either.

He is well qualified and that magazine article makes him look like an idiot. Which he isnt.

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That’s what I was thinking. He does look to be qualified but this piece comes across as very lazy comment rather than a review. There’s no indication he’s really looked at the product at all.

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Might be worth Huel getting in contact with him, together they might be able to turn it into a proper Cosmo article, instead of a 2 inch column filler.

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Already on it.


Wait, does this mean Cosmo isn’t a good source of scientific information? Crap! There goes my research paper!


@ktalexander hahaha I’ve just laughed so much! The very reason I do not read newspapers or mags of this nature they’re full of rubbish and lies look at what problems they could cause honest companies.

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On a more positive note, not all journalists insist on making such sweeping statements. Here is a brilliant article in a magazine called Red. Rosie, the author, has basically said what I always try and tell people in a far more articulate and intelligent way than I ever seem to be able to!

N.B. Image is scanned in so may be tricky to read on mobile. Sorry.


The guy is a total idiot. If science had not worked out the perfect human food in a powder, then how is that millions of human babies the word over fed non dairy formula are super healthy and grow into healthy children? Also, how is it that people fed by stomach tube only adult powder formulas mixed with water remain so healthy? How is it that kids that can’t eat due to various problems remain healthy on the formula they are fed, and for years and years?

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