Is Huel 100% healthy for your body?

Hello everyone,I’m about to buy HUEL after have tried it by purchasing a sample.I was just wondering,is it really an healthy product? Doesn’t it have any hidden ingredient?I mean since it’s almost impossible to have all those good nutrients by eating “normal” food within just a meal,how is it for your body?
and how about the manufacturing process?

Huel is simply food.

Nobody will claim that Huel is healthier than eating a healthy diet. The definition of a healthy diet is not easy though, but Huel hits a lot of the common points - plant-based (no animal products), minimal processing, low sugar, low salt, high fiber, a good mix of vitamins & minerals.

Huel currently has a few “hidden” ingredients that are not listed on the pouch, such as a small amount of maltodextrin, xylitol and a few other necessary things to make it “just work”. Huel does not contain anything illegal, it is just that some things are not legally required to be included on the label if the amount is minuscule.

How is it for your body? Eating “all those good nutrients” at once raises some questions about absorption, and we do not yet have enough data to tell if everything is ok long-term.

Manufacturing process adheres to typical industry standards. Unfortunately, there is a lot to be improved in “typical industry standards”, but we do not know what extra things Huel does in their facilities.

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A famous example of a 100% diet

“Bad” diets can sustain you, just as “good” diets can cause obesity and other problems. Nothing’s perfect, and it’s down to individuals to ensure what they eat meets their needs. For the last few decades everyone believed the in the low fat diet, and that’s resulted in processed foods where sugar replaced fat. Now it seems everyone’s realised they had it the wrong way round and are trying to find their way out of the mess.

With everything, I’d say try it, and see how you feel.


Thank you for your reply.
I’ll definitely give a try even because I’m not oriented to do 100% but just one a day or even less. Basically for when I’m short of ideas/time to cook plus at the same time I know I’m having something apparently healthy with the nutrients needed.

How do you know that ?

Why would they not have listed it on the packet ?

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It actually is listed on my pouch. Huel 2.1. And I remember it being there since 1.2.

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The same as if you ate a comparable healthy diet.

Not sure what you mean. Same as the manufacturing process for other foods?

It’s not on 2.2 anymore.

Sorry, had no idea 2.2 was already out.

The label is really vague now, that’s VERY disappointing.

Please provide suggestions for improvement. Huel team does listen.