Deciding to go on Huel. Could someone help me with a plan?

Hi! I’m 5ft3”, 27 yrs old, 60.5 kg. have a fairly sedentary life. I have a family wedding in a month and I need to go down to 55kg. I can replace all my meals with HUEL. Could you please help me with a scoop based Huel Plan. Thank you.

Damn, a month is not much time. You will have to lose about 1-2kg per week. That means around 800-1000kcal deficit, which with your activity levels would mean around ~800kcal (or less). I strongly advice you to eat so little.

Advice #1 - Do some exercise (weights, cardio, fast walking). It will help you, toning (carrying the weight better) and losing weight. Two birds with one stone.

So regarding a plan:
with no exercise:
Week 1. 1,000kcal a day (damn this is nothing).

  • Breakfast 2 scoops of Huel with 400ml water (this will be fairly thin). You can add coffee to it if you want. I would have black coffee separately, if not. 300kcal
  • Lunch. 2 scoops of Huel with 400ml of water. 300kcal
  • Dinner. 2.5 scoops of Huel or some vegetables (or vegetable soup that has low calories) and an omelette or small chicken breast or a white fish. Idea is to go for 400kcal.
    Other meal options: salad (without much dressing), Huel Bar, Huel Granola.
    Advice #2 Drink plenty of water.
    Advice #3 Being busy helps you not think about food.

At the end of week 1 weight yourself. Do a similar thing in week 2. Check your progress. Come back and ask then. You should be on your way. If you feel like you are stagnating you have two choices:
1- Go for 3 meals of 2 scoops a day.
2- Do some cardio and keep the diet the same.

I would perhaps buy a vitamin mineral supplement during these days, because it is unlikely you will meet your requirements.

To not get bored of Huel flavour you can use non-caloric flavouring (the ones Huel provides should be fine), tea, coffee among other things.

Look around other threads and you will find out more tips on how to succeed.

Other things to consider:

  • Weight your Huel instead of using the scoops if you are super worried.
  • Track your calories (MyFitnesspal), unless you only eat Huel (and truly nothing else).
  • Make sure you think the goal is worth it.
  • I usually recommend doing these things with time and as an effort to change your lifestyle, instead for a one off. Since soon you will find yourself with the same problem. But good luck!

In addition to what @Latestfuels said, which was spot on, note that you will feel VERY hungry for this period. People always seem surprised by this and get worried, hence they return to eating at maintenance.

Hunger is your body acknowledging its deficit and wanting more fuel. Don’t go slam a buffet just because you felt “starving”. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the responses. I’ll keep you updated😊

Just taking a step back here, your BMI is 23.6, you’re a perfectly healthy weight and one of a minority of people that actually are (2/3 are overweight/obese). I realise this might be considered unsolicited advise, but since you’ve posted to a public forum I’m assuming that you are open to advise, I don’t think you need to lose any weight. You’re great, right now as it is. Don’t embark on a crazy month long crash diet for some wedding, no one is judging you for being a perfect weight! 1000kcal is nothing and those that matter don’t care, and those that care don’t matter.

Obviously, you do you - but just do it for the right reasons :slight_smile:



Did not consider this, but obviously do not do it for others, do it for yourself. I agree with @Tim_Huel that there might not be any point on losing that weight.

That is why I suggested to embark on a lifestyle change that involves more activity and a healthier lifestyle (nutriton, exercise, state of mind); rather than a one month weight loss adventure.

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Thank you @Tim_Huel and @Latestfuels. I’ve always been very conscious of my weight as I have a small torso and always look bigger than I am. I eat healthy in general. I will maintain my weight so but I would like to give Huel a try. I feel like sometimes I don’t make the right food choices and Huel will help me with that.

I support this. In my case Huel made me think about my health in general. It’s thanks to Huel that not only I made an u-turn on the road to being overweight, but also started working out after years of sedentary life. And now I feel better with myself and I’m very happy with my new lifestyle. :slight_smile:

So, Dana, absolutely try Huel and come to our Fellowship of the Shake! :smiley:

One shake to rule them all? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah, you understand now why they say “don’t put Huel in hot fluid”. At least, not Mount Doom hot. :smiley:


I’m in the same boat as Danosavi …
I’m a gym regular user now … and huel has helped me dramatically change my weight and shape ! (The illusion I had about my body is slowly becoming a reality !!! )

Being more active has helped loads, but huel has stopped the constant grazing from the cupboards, eating the wrong things and snacking!
Feeling better, lighter and fitter …

Your BMI of 23.6 … many of would dream of that figure !!
(Tho BMI isn’t the best to go for ! As athletes and sportspeople can be classed as obese but be incredibly fit !)

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Now that is a positive reason to use Huel :slight_smile: We can certainly help with that!


It sounds like you’re on the skinny fat side. The biggest calorie deficit in the world won’t help that. I’d guess it’s because there’s nothing “underneath” to reveal, so you never quite hit that toned look.

Honestly, you’d be much better getting on a beginners resistance training program at the gym and eating at maintenance.