Definition of Hueliganism

Hi! Could anyone please tell me if there is an official definition of ‘Hueliganism’ as stated by Huel the company?


There isn’t, but there should be! Can you have a go for us?! This should absolutely be defined and put in writing somewhere!

Typically the sort of person that would attack you with an empty RTD bottle on the terraces when Chelsea play West Ham.

Not quite sure I’ve nailed it. But it’s work in progress.

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I was quite sure I read somewhere on the website Hueliganism - “an individual who is an avid fan of products produced by - and/or works for - popular complete food brand Huel”. Anyway I can’t seem to find it anymore, but sounds like a nice, broad and friendly definition!

Definitely not from urban dictionary then.

In a few places it seems to be used to mean a Huel employee specifically – for example here:

Hueligan is defined as anyone who uses Huel and/or works for Huel - we are one group of people!

But the question was specifically for a definitely of hueliganism, not Hueligan, for which there isn’t a definition!