Delivery deadline for Christmas & New Year 2016

What is the last day I can have an order delivered before Christmas? Is it possible to place orders and get them shipped between Christmas and New Year? and when will you commence shipping in New Year?

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Excellent questions, we will get back to you shortly.

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Is there really anyone who is going to be Hueling over Christmas?

Yep, me for sure.

I don’t think I could ever be 100% Huel but still use it every day…christmas will be no different


I will be :grinning: I prefer my choca mocha Huel breakfast to any festive feasts on offer !

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You people need locking in a rubber room with a stick between your teeth. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

27 days later and still no reply?

Sorry for the late reply:

Below are the dates we are dispatching on. But based on previous experience we won’t be able to promise next working day delivery on the dates between Christmas and New Year, I would allow an extra day but it might come next day.

Friday 23rd - Normal, cut off at 3pm

Mon 26th - closed
Tuesday 27th - closed
Wednesday 28th - 12 noon cut off
Thursday 29th - 12 noon cut off
Friday 30th - 12 noon cut off

Monday 2nd - closed
Tuesday 3rd - normal, cut off 3pm

You did see the Christmas pudding flavour didn’t you?

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Just to confirm the Christmas pudding flavour will be launching tomorrow. I don’t even like real Christmas pudding but I like this, and it was the unanimous winner in the office.

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I don’t suppose you know the time it’ll go live?

Oh, and is it limited stock or do you have lots of it?

It should be live by 9.30am tomorrow.

Yes there is limited stock, but it should last a couple of weeks but it’s difficult to say as it’s the first time we have ever sold a blended version of Huel apart from vanilla.

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