Christmas Delivery

Did anyone catch when they’re dispatching between Christmas and new year or is it completely shut down until the new year?

Merry Christmas all!

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Dunno dates but I’m certain they’re despatching in between

Yes I am sure there still dispatching, didn’t they say the new ready to drink will be dispatched on the 28th December?

I have just received a delivery from DPD. Just in time, I was getting tired of the Christmas menu. Two bags of original vanilla and for the first time a bag of berry flavour.


We’re certainly not shut down until new year don’t worry! There may be a slight delay to you delivery, but it was business as usual at our fulfilment centre today and will be tomorrow too.

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Let us know what you think of the berry powder. I still have some of mine left. Not sure if I will bother ordering more premixed flavours. Might just stick with Original, New Vanilla and UU and add flavour as and when.


I ordered on 24th of december. I have yet to get confirmation that my order has shipped. This is my second order. First order was superfast in terms if delivery times.

I don’t think I will order anymore berry flavor. It’s not for me, it taste a bit cardboardy if that makes sense. It’s not as nice as the original vanilla. I think I will stick to original vanilla and add a flavour boost now and again. I think if I had tried berry first I may not have come back for more, thank goodness I tried original vanilla first. All that said taste is a personal thing, I will finish the bag it just may take longer, it’s my stand by bag. :smirk::+1:


Yes exactly. 25th and 26th were both public holidays, hence why there was a delay to your order.

I received the email that it will be delivered today. I have ordered new things like the snack bars and the flavour samples. Can’t wait to try them out. Have been using Huel now for the past 3 weeks and replaced breakfast and lunch with it. I like it a lot.


I’ve ordered it on the 25th, and still havent received the shipping confirmation email.
The first time we’ve ordered was super fast and I’m anxious to try the new flavour, so I hope it gets here soon!