Different formulae for different objectives?

Hi, so I’ve been using Huel for quite some time now and loving the fact I no longer need to cook (although some days I do need a ‘normal’ meal, just to give me something a bit different). I’m just wondering, are there any plans to vary the formula for different purposes? Maybe one aimed at people trying to lose weight, and another at those looking to gain muscle mass? I know this is sort of achievable by just varying the amount of Huel you consume, but it seems to me that this tends to leave a few holes, most notably in vitamins when trying to lose weight, and in protein when trying to gain it…

Let me know what you all think, and any input from @JamesCollier and @Julian would be much appreciated!


Glad you’re enjoying it. We might bring in some variations, but we want to keep things simple. The current Huel is suitable for both losing fat and gaining muscle - you just alter the amount you’re consuming. I have lots of bodybuilders already using Huel.

One that has been requested is a low carb version - this is something I’m going to play around with a fomula with in 2016.

The general consensus i the powdered food community seems to be that if you lower your calorie intake, your vitamin and mineral needs go down, as well. Tied to metabolism and all that. So basically, you’re not likely to suffer deficiencies if you reduce your Huel intake to less than 2,000 kcal/day.