DIY Huel - "Duel"


This website should help you -


Oi, thanks! That was a lot more than I expected :slight_smile:


No problem, I’m going to contact them now and let them know that Huel V1.2 is no longer available so they should update to V2.0. I will also ask them to list Salt/Sodium as one of their comparison characteristics.


As I keep working hard to develop Duel, I have a few comments and would like some feedback please.

I’m aiming it towards people intending to use Duel for close to 100% of their nutrient intake. I am focusing on people wishing to ride out the periods of badly formulated Huel (e.g. V2.0) so as such I am not currently looking at a long-term Huel replacement. I am considering designing it towards an 1800kcal diet which is more suitable for some individuals but also so that everyone else can have more flexibility with what they add.

I’m a little bit concerned about the MCT Powder/Oil. I’m not convinced of it’s merits and it is a pain to find a good source for it but I’d also just prefer to go with powdered coconut. Plant-based and whole-foods where possible (though I can see the value in the pea and brown rice protein isolate to up the protein intake without correspondingly bumping the other macros).


Check out my Huel bar - Huel bar spotted!. Will be a Duel bar when I run out of V1.2!


This website might also be of interest to users - It’s only just started so it might be a while before it’s a very useful resource.


I like your philosophy, would you be interested in making and selling your product?

I don’t care about taste at all, I only care about nutrition. I don’t care about the product being vegan if it compromises nutrition (e.g. the issue with Huel and Vitamin D and Vitamin K). I don’t care about thickeners, I can always just shake the bottle.

Just make it a big bag (Huel bag size looks ideal), and market it as “everything your body needs and nothing more”.

Edit: I started making my own DIY version of Huel. Takes me 40 minutes on Sunday to prepare the powder mixture for the whole week. I can probably get it down to less time with practice - but I would love the convenience of somebody doing that for me and me paying for that convenience and that’s what I originally liked about Huel…


Like you I am all about convenience - there is of course a lot to this beyond just the formula which companies like Huel are overall doing a great job at. As such, I don’t envisage taking up the mantle of trying to compete with them.

However, if you’ve gotten your weekly prep down to 40 minutes or less that is also a significant convenience for most people. Feel free to share your recipe here. I tend to make my own Duel daily (recipe incoming!).


Had a look on Bulk Powders and input some details into the soylent DIY site, and totally confused me lol. I will have another look later but what I had looked ok, but was missing some things, but that could be due to incomplete nutritional info on the bulk powers website. I may even have a look at my protein web site instead/as well as.

Well after another play around I have found 1) I can’t get it complete, 2) it’s too expensive for me. So I had a look around for other similar products and found either 1) they all have similar amounts of fluoride 2) too expensive 3) I don’t like them.

So, I am damned if I stay with Huel due to too much salt, and fluoride and if I choose a different product, they still have flouride. Le sigh, guess I just go back to solid food


There’s this :slight_smile:

My main worry about ‘duel’ is that you’re mostly using myprotein ingredients, which I suspect they probably use for their ‘whole fuel’, which I didn’t enjoy.


Thanks for the website. I didn’t realise there were quite so many nutritionally complete food products out there.

I love that this type of thing is really catching on. Many people don’t take the advice to eat a varied, balanced, healthy diet; so food manufacturers are now realising it’s actually far better to create food products that are nutritionally complete in themselves. Then people don’t need to worry, they just buy a nutritionally complete food product and eat/drink it.

Really, we need to get to a point where our shops are full of these products at affordable prices. Not only that, but pubs and cafes too. I want to be able to walk into any bar or cafe and be able to order a glass of Huel. It should become as normal as ordering coffee or beer or buying a sandwich.

We need to get to a point where these nutritionally complete foods are the norm rather than something new and cult-like. So one day we will look upon people who don’t drink Huel like people who don’t own TVs or or who have never used the internet.


I don’t think they will really until there are lots of ready to drink bottled versions, powders will always be niche.

Soylent is getting masses of traction with their ready to drinks bottles, I’d love a huel to work on the same thing though I’m sure Julian has spoke against it due to the extra waste. I do think it’s the way things are going though.


I think you might be right, there. For the convenience, people want to be able to just grab a bottle off the shelf and drink it.

The bars might become popular, though.


Even more interesting — in my opinion — is the foodalyzer @huelzcool mentions above.

Our beloved” takes pride of place — front and center.


So far after the gum blend changes I’ve gone to the trouble of buying up 50+ bags of 1.2, and spending hundreds of pounds trying Ambronite, Joylent, Nano, Pulve and Nutberg in search of an alternative.

This DIY stuff looks very very promising.

Nutberg’s very nice, btw, for those preferring a more earthy, natural feel to it. Bit grainy.


HI :slight_smile: how do you feel your Duel recipe is going? are you happy with it or still making improvements? Im really interested as a friend told me about Huel and then i read more and more and came upon this post, where you mentioned the flouride and cyano- and i thought right, im out! Duel is in :wink:


I recieved a reply from Huel in regards to changes, they say that they have now removed the flouride
in V2.1 and swapped cyano for methyl B12.


It may depend on delivery. I’m in Italy and have had trouble with delivery, which is of course the couriers fault; however, I have paid Huel for the delivery and it’s their choice who they use, not mine.

The inconvenience caused has led me to go the DIY route, leading me to this very thread.


It’s quite disturbing that Huel thought fluoride was a good addition to the blend. I wonder what the rationale was behind it.


Wolfram alpha is also great for finding ingredient info: