Do you want Sodium Fluoride to be added to Huel? (poll inside)

Thanks Kizeree. I noticed after I posted :). Great news. Thanks

Good decision. I’ll be resuming my subscription soon!



Instead of adding a dash of caramel flavouring, I’ll be adding dash of mouthwash to my huel in the morning now before zazzing it in the blender.


Surely the mouthwash is best used after consuming the Huel?

I think he was being sarcastic.

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Excellent news!

Just to say a huge thank you to Julian, James, and the rest of the Huel team for listening and researching and giving us the best product that they can. I know that it must be hard to change course so quickly, and I know that you guys also must have had reasons for making the changes you made (moving towards different definitions of “complete” human food), so it’s truly impressive to work with the community on this.


Sure. But of the six sources, two are from an equally non-credible source, and two are inactive links.

I’m presuming shipping of v2.1 will be announced in the announcements thread?
My last order stock is dwindling, looking forward to resuming my subscription!

Ah cool, just found the link to the v1.2 stockpile, got me a stop-gap order placed whilst I wait!! :slight_smile:

Hi Julian,

I’ve just started my last bag of V2.0. You stated that V2.1 will be shipped during October. Will it be available to order next week?

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I already use fluoridated tap water with my Huel, so I don’t really think there is much of a point in adding it to the ingredients. Plus, regular teeth brushing is more than sufficient. That said, people on liquid diets are more likely to develop tooth decay. And as has been mentioned above many countries do not fluoridate their water. Fluoridation has been shown time and time again to significantly reduce tooth decay in that area’s population. It’s a difficult balance to strike.

Isn’t that due to the acid if you drink lots of smoothies and juices? I don’t think that really applies to Huel.


Huel v2.1 is now available for purchase.

This version has had sodium fluoride removed.


I know i’m late to the debate But I have just made a big order of Huel V2.1 and I hope it doesn’t contain, Sodium Fluoride in it as I’ve read some peer published reviews from America that Fluoride has a direct,
Link to many forms of Cancer’s and other illness, I have for many months now switched my toothpaste,
To Fluoride FREE Versions, after reading all the Nasty things fluoride can do to your body and with,
Huel being all Natural (which was a big reason I choose to buy it) Nasty man made Chemicals,
PLEASE NO thank you Huel.

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If you read either the list of ingredients for 2.1 (easily available on the Huel website) or the post immediately before yours, I think you’ll be pleased.


Pulve is in stock again. Pulve 2.0 is available since yesterday. Looks pretty cool:

Interested in product reviews actually.

Huel v2.1 is now available for purchase. This version has had sodium fluoride removed.

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Your post is so ill informed it’s laughable. Water has been linked to drowning so stop drinking that too…

Don’t use a fluoridated toothpaste and get ready for tooth decay! Which will mean your teeth will devitalise (die), become necrotic and infected, and then you will have millions of bacteria swimming round your body…

The anti fluoride lobby is based on zero factual evidence.

Saying that, there is no need for sodium Fluoride in Huel. Fluoride has a benefit to teeth systemically when you are a young child, but after that your teeth have already calcified so the ingestion of fluoride is of no benefit. However you still get the benefit topically (e.g toothpaste).

So unless we are going to start brushing our teeth with Huel and it is at least 1450ppm sodium fluoride, it is unnecessary.

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