Do you want Sodium Fluoride to be added to Huel? (poll inside)

I’m also wondering whether it would be good to include fluoride on this page. This could be a good place to concisely describe the benefits of fluoride. For example, similar to how you say that a deficiency in vitamin D can lead to rickets in children, you can say that a lack of fluoride can lead to tooth decay. Then you could have a couple of links to key information supporting the benefits of fluoride.

Or is fluoride not as important as the vitamins and minerals?

If you were to remove the vitamin and mineral mix from Huel, as well as the fluoride, I wonder what would happen first. Would I get scurvy from a lack of vitamin C? Would I get a rash on my scrotum from lack of riboflavin? Or would my teeth get cavities? Keeping in mind my toothpaste and mouthwash both have fluoride in them.

Of course, some people don’t buy products with fluoride in them, so won’t have fluoride in their toothpaste or mouthwash. But they won’t want to buy a meal drink with flouride in it either. But if you insist on it being included, you should at least make it more obvious from the outset that it’s included.


The poll results speak for themselves but Huel are being suspiciously quiet about the matter and have failed to give any reason for us to be swallowing the stuff. I know I won’t be purchasing any more once I’ve finished the Huel I already have, as long as it continues to contain fluoride.

My guess is that:

  1. They aknowledge that its controversial and borderline uneccessary even for teeth health.
  2. This is why they didn’t even include it in the v2.0 changelog newsletter (or in the site as Marcus pointed out).
  3. They’ll remove it in v2.1.

Of course I may be tottally wrong in which case I won’t consume Huel nearly as much as what I was doing up until v1.2.

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People will be quoting Food Babe or David Wolfe next…


I e-mailed them asking about it. They stated the inclusion has been evaluated but has not been made public and they will be commenting on the forum “shortly” I got the e-mail on Thursday.


Handy hint. But, even though it is on the Mercola site and is written in their familiar marketing driven slant, the article does list of its sources at the bottom so the reader can make up their own mind about the credibility of the information being conveyed. It’s still worth reading, even if it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt (up to the RDA of course!)


Nearly 200 votes in so far. The percentage for and against has remained pretty consistent since I first saw this.

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People do gargle water from their taps (if they gargle at all), and they use it to brush their teeth. And of course drinking does go through the mouth. It is because it only has topical benefit that it is added to water at all for precisely this reason (and no vitamin or mineral like vitamin C, zinc, magnesium etc. would ever be added to tap water!).

It is added to water because there is no point putting it in a multivitamin or fortified food - it has to have contact with the teeth. Although with flouridated toothpaste (which almost all are - you have to look quite hard to find one that isn’t) if you brush your teeth there isn’t really any problem.

It shouldn’t be in Huel.


Fluoride should definitely be in Huel. It’s there for the health of our teeth.

Of course there may be downsides, but overall it’s a positive and I love that it was added.

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Teeth can be kept healthy without Flouride in Huel. Brush regularly, see a dentist regularly, don’t eat too many tooth harming foods, sorted. No need for it to be added at all.


​Thank you everyone for your opinions and research.

It’s been a tricky decision to make because there are pros and cons on both side, but from v2.1 (Due out in Oct) we will remove fluoride.

Thank you all for your input.​ We look forward to further conversations with you all on our forum about other topics in the future.

PS. I will leave this open for a few days then close this post to any further comments becuase I think we all have said enough on the subject, it’s time to move on.

Kind Regards, Julian.


That’s great news! I honestly feel like it’s more of a pure and natural product now! Brilliant news. I’ll hold off until October to make my order, but I will be ordering a big one soon!

Thanks again.


Fantastic, thank you Huel HQ!
I agree about this topic being done to death, but I would just like to add that despite the high emotions over this, I think it’s truly inspiring to see such engagement both in and between the Huel community and the founders.
It really does add so much to the product and the ethos of the Huel brand to have such an excellent relationship.
Long live Huel! :slight_smile:


Julian: That sounds great, thank you for making that decision! I have not been involved in this discussion before, but I believe that I don’t need flouride, so I stopped buying Huel because of that but I have missed Huel for a long time now and finally I can return to Huel and be a happy customer again! (even happier now when the good changes remain and the bad ones will be removed) :smiley:


I still have 10+ bags of V1.2 … but will be much less reluctant to purchase more now V2.1 is on the horizon. :grinning:

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Thank you Huel team and everyone who voted!


Sorted! Looking forward to v2.1! =]

btw does it come with a free toothbrush? :grinning::wink:


That is great news, I will be purchasing more Huel as soon as the new version is released.


Huel looks great. But I won’t be buying it as long as Flouride is being added to it. Controversial ingredients should not be added in my opinion.

See above. They have decided to remove it from October.