Does this article imply that eating only Huel is not healthy

The article is this:

The article basically reads that receiving vitamins from supplements is not as good as receiving them from normal food.

Looking at ingredients Huel is basically oats + supplements (vitamin and mineral blend is a supplement, is that correct)? So eating only Huel is not as healthy as having nutritionally complete diet consisting of normal food. Is that correct?

Only if you’re knowledgeable enough to ensure that your ‘normal’ diet is nutritionally complete. Most people aren’t.

the article you linked to is referring to taking supplements in pill form that contain no food elements. if you look in the Guides and Articles section there is a huge amount of information there on many subjects including diet, nutrition, huel itself etc.

The product pages themselves also give more information on each product such as the core powder which contains oats, rice, peas, coconut, flaxseed, sunflower seeds with added vitamins and minerals. Dismissing something as being a supplement because you perceive it to be just one primary ingredient is like saying things like baked goods, pasta, soups, cereals etc are also not ‘normal’ foods.

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One of the problems with taking a supplement like a multivitamin pill is that they contain very high doses (often over your daily reccommendation). These can be difficult for our bodies to process entirely for a few reasons:

  1. It’s simply a lot for your body to process at once
  2. Many do not take their vitamin tablet with other foods, and many vitamins and minerals are better absorbed alongside foods

The thing with Huel is that each serving typically contains a lower dosage than a vitamin mineral tablet gives you, making it easier for your body to absorb. In addition you consume it alongside all the other macronutrients Huel has in it, so they can be absorbed.

While we do add vitamins and minerals to Huel, many/most are actually contained in the whole ingredients. We simply top up on those that are missing or we believe we’re short of.

Hope that makes sense!