False Advertising on Instagram

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Been using Huel for over 2-3 years now and always complimented your products, I honestly believe I don’t get ill from minor colds and flus anymore due to Huel. However I was disappointed when granola was discontinued especially when competitors continue with variety of products even when some products are less profitable.

But what I find unforgivable is Huel restoring to false advertising on Instagram on the hot and savoury product which is overpriced, many people on the ad called this out and no one could acknowledge the discrepancy and explain properly.

On the Ad, the price was under £1.50 per meal but on the website ( I’m sure it didn’t say FROM neither ), we can’t get a lower price than £1.75. That is achievable only when buying max bulk and with 10% discount…

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That does not fall under false advertising.

Wow, no explanation to why it doesn’t…

Do you have a screenshot of the instagram advertisement?

Bulk discounts are nothing unusual. Subscriptions are nothing unusual. If a typical internet user can reasonably navigate a shopping website, and through clicking simple buttons setup a bulk order on subscription, without having to discover hidden pages, without requiring unreasonable level of intelligence or technical skill, then it will not fall under false advertisement.

I think his point is that the lowest you can get it on the website is £1.75 per by maxing out 16 bags, which includes the subscription discount. Which makes the £1.50 claim false, and out by quite a lot.

Thanks for raising, I know the team who reply to comments on the adverts have talked to the right people in the team to sort out.

Edit: found the advert, it had Black Edition pricing on in error but we should have caught that. Many apologies, it will be corrected ASAP.


That isn’t an explanation, that is just nonsense and I honestly believe you don’t understand my first post.

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You do have a point.

It should also say 5 delicious meals and sweet and sour.