See you around, Huel

Finally calling it a day.

I can understand the need to increase prices every now and then. But the increase per bag for Spaghetti Carbonara - without receiving any kind of notification - means that my subscription order is unexpectedly much higher than before.

The obvious compromise would be to substitute out for another (cheaper) flavour, however I am already limited following the change of recipe to Mac and cheeze, which I felt diminished the quality and taste. So I am then left with legacy flavours that I don’t particularly enjoy.

It has also become increasingly difficult to work out what subscription discount, if any, is being applied to my orders, as this is not visibly shown in my account information.

On the whole I’ve enjoyed having Huel, the customer service has been decent, and it’s made life a lot easier in terms of having a quick and easy meal with steady calories and macros. But price per meal costs now mean I might as well just go back to batch cooking/prep.

I won’t miss the violent gas, though.

Fuck. It was already the most expensive h and s…it must have only changed in the past 48 hours as I bought a bag earlier in the week. The price of fake bacon is murder…best get some cheap pigmeat off Arthur Daley.

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either way it’s not good.

Was this advertised? Just seen the price, may have to remove it from my selection :disappointed_relieved:

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I’d not seen mention of it. And it was definitely not like that when I ordered earlier in the week. Quite a sneaky (and big) price hike.

Owp, sorry about this!

Seems that an error occurred on our side which has now all been fixed. I’ve tried to get your email from your account on Discord but seems like it’s unavailable. Can you drop us an email at so we can begin to look into your account and this situation right away :heart:


Thanks @Mark_Huel - mystery solved on the pricing issue anyway.

I’ve emailed as suggested.

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What price had it gone to?

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So… what will you replace Huel H&S with then OP?

I think everybody understands that companies increase prices due to inflation, competing companies have to do the same. The only difference is that the others are transparent about it and Huel is not.

Jumped to £24.40 per bag. Has since been corrected on the website though.


Meal prep for the week when needed

Oh. No other product really slips into Huel H&S. shakes, I’ve seen some alternatives but not for hot and savoury stuff.

Best of luck. Hope you still have Huel shakes to get nutrition at least once a day though.

Meal prep is fine but a lot of hassle preparing it and stuff and most likely still not ‘complete nutrition’?

Thanks! And I agree, unlikely to find a perfect replacement for it, and will be challenging to find the right balance.

May end up swallowing my words and come back, but for now I suppose a bit of variety may also do me some good.

But in all likelihood I imagine I’ll continue the shakes, as you say.

It seems it was an error, since corrected. So no issue of transparency at all.

Surely either it’s an error that’s been corrected so no problem, or it’s a matter of principle so you won’t buy any products?