Food sensitivity testing?

Has anyone done a food sensitivity test?

I just did one where you send off some hair and they analyse it.

I know these are probably more in the realm of alternative than science, but has anyone else ever had one and followed the advice given in the results?

I have a lot of digestion issues and possibly mood issues (lethargy, low mood, lack of energy, focus etc) and it did point out some things I should avoid and am deficient in (creatine being one of them).

I don’t think they are. I know two people who have had them done and it highlighted a lot of allergies like dairy and gluten which were correct.

It depends on the test, who’s carrying it out and what you’re testing for.

There are a lot of tests out there that all they end up doing is restricting someone’s diet without cause.

:crossed_fingers: you get to the bottom of your issues Joe.