Food Intolerance or Allergy Tests?

Has anyone had an allergy test, or a food intolerance test?

I’m quite interested to get one just to see what it shows.

I do get some eczema and that can be allergic for some people.

Then there’s the whole wheat and gluten issues.

So has anyone had one?

Did it show up anything interesting?

Are they reliable and worth the money? They look about £100 to £200 for the full set.


I believe there is no charge for having a food allergy test on the NHS otherwise you can refer to a private clinic and pay. Do you have any current evidence that you’re intolerant or allergic to any foods?

Well, I’ve got some eczema and hay fever.

Plus I have terrible wind from time to time.

Would that qualify?

It depends on your GP Surgery policy and the reffreral ceiteria. Usually if its a life threatening allergy then it will be a refferal to an allergy clinic and perhaps an epi pen in the meantime. If its life disruptive for example nocturnal asthama or eczema and its causing other symptoms then a refferal will most likley be considered. For anything else its at your GPs discretion and the qualiftying criteria for the refferal.