Huel showed me i'm allergic to oats

So i bought huel, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea ever since i first heard about shakes like these tried it when it turned up this afternoon and my esophagus swollen up right behind my larynx i had always suspected i might have had an oat allergy but i’d heard it was so incredibly rare so i just assume it wasn’t the case now i have 2 packets of huel one of which is opened that i can’t consume. i assume it wouldn’t be eligible for return?

Sorry to hear you’re allergic to Oats. Least you know eh, probably still worth properly nailing down with a proper allergy test mind.

Huel will take the unopened bag back, just drop them a line and go from there.

The opened bag you’ll probably be able to sell on here, just give a rough idea of where you are so local Huelers can buy it and save messing about with postage.