Forum colour

Forum now in dark mode for me. Is it the same for everyone?

Ooh not for me :eyes: please share!

Do you see my screengrab as dark or light @Charlotte_Huel ? I have no idea what has caused this. I am using Brave browser but just tried Chrome and it’s the same there too. Weird!

Yes it was for me earlier today on my Mac with Safari. On my android phone now it is as usual.

I thought it was off but didn’t have time to investigate.

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Thanks, glad it’s not just me then. I haven’t tried my Android phone yet, just Windows laptop so far. I tried Edge browser just now, which I don’t normally use but that’s in dark mode too.

Dark mode on android too

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Yes mine to.

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Me 3. Tbh I’ve been turning the forum dark for years using the browser extension dark reader but cool it’s now got a native dark mode.

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That’s just your presence.


I like a dark mode but the HUEL button at the top stays black so you can’t see it. The one that you press to get back to the forum home screen.

Ok, I didn’t have dark mode on my phone but just on safari on my mac.

@Bee I’ve just logged on again to mac and it’s dark mode still. I didn’t change that, but if you want to revert back, just click your your icon at the top right, when it opens menu click the bottom right icon for your account, then select preferences, go to interface and reset to theme default under colour scheme, then save changes. Not sure why some accounts/devices appear to have been affected but not all


Thanks John, that worked for my samsung fone. Funnily my Samsung tablet was not affected. :blush:

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Thanks @hunzas I just opted out of dark mode. Strange how it happened, but at least now we know we have a choice in the matter :+1:

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Dark to me! but mine is still white

Dark for me, I like it. Course your logo is invisible now though :frowning:

Oh no, we might need to do a poll of background preferences to see if we need to change the logo!

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Yes, that’s the downside. I usually like dark mode but this really didn’t feel right to me. Odd how it suddenly became the default though.

If you change the logo to white though won’t it then be invisible for people who choose the light / white theme?

Easy solution… Orange!

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