Email design disaster [solved]

Just got another email from Huel, this one tells me 101 reasons why I should hought eat more protein. Apparently.

I can’t read any of the text as it’s dark grey on a black background.


PS. Just seen on other posts that I should have received an H&S pot with first order, I didn’t but no problem as there are two of us eating it. Just letting you know :wink:

I used to have that grey-on-black thing and couldn’t read anything without zooming in. Now it’s changed to white-on-black and aok, presume via an automatic update on my phone. I think it was a phone issue rather than a Huel marketing thing, as I mentioned it here on the forum and no-one else seemed to have the same problem.

Aha! Thanks for that. Am using new Pixel 6a, so I’ll check the settings.

Been Samsung for a few years so still finding my feet Pixel wise. The last one I had was Pixel 2, this is very different.

Email team@huel or get on a chat and they will sort you a lot straight away. Maybe if you explain the situation they may send you two…but maybe not.

I’m using a Pixel 6 Pro and it’s all looking good for me. Dark mode and regular.

Sorry to hear this. Definitely get in touch with the CX team and they will sort this out ASAP!

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It’s ProtonMail!

Paragraph headlines are OK but paragraph text is unreadable.

I forwarded the emails to my GMail account and all good!

Now off to investigate ProtonMail settings.


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Hey Baggins, I’m ProtonMail too, so that must be it. :bulb:

Your data doesn’t belongs to you, or tech companies, because no one can read it.

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:smile: had to read that a few times before I got what you meant!

OK, if I switch to Dark Mode text turns white in ProtonMail (as you’d expect it everywhere else). Normal mode and it’s dark grey.

OK in other mail apps.

Not sure I prefer dark mode all the time so I’ll just set up a rule to send Huel emails to Gmail until Proton get their act together :unamused:

I’m in normal mode on Proton, & always have been. I didn’t make any changes to cause my Huel emails to go from grey-on-black to white-on-black, so assumed it was an update on my phone, ie from Apple.

Hope you can get it sorted, illegible emails are a pita.

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Looks like an uninstall and reinstall fixed it.


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Switch it off and on again.

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