Increase in media and email from Huel?

I have notice a lot more emails coming through from Huel and wondering if it was just me or is everyone else seeing this? I did wonder as I’ve cut my orders down this might be targeted more at me but probably just Huel branching out as seeing more Huel advertising on TikTok and YouTube too.

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I have also noticed this but I dob’t know if its just because I don’t order any more.
We order from my roommates account now and they they are getting a huge number of e-mails too.

Upon checking, I haven’t received a single email outside my order confirmations since
Thu, Jun 10, 2021, 11:09 AM
@Tim_Huel did I get on the blacklist? :smiley:

Crazy, I seem to be getting a lot more this year. Last one was today with links to buy products.

My next shipment is in February (first of the year)

I think there has been an increase in their marketing (whether that be emails or social media posts etc), but that’s just expected of a growing company.

Especially with needing to lift their prices recently, they’ve probably wanted to make more of an effort to increase product awareness and consideration to ensure that as they grow as a company their profits aren’t going down due to reduced sales.

If you aren’t enjoying them, the bottom of every Huel email features a link to unsubscribe from their mailing list, and then you shouldn’t get any anymore.

For me, I enjoy hearing about new products, deals and tips. I don’t always read the emails, but marking something as sent takes less than a second and really is no hassle.

That’s fine but some of the emails I enjoy reading and others like ones advertising products that already exist I don’t need.

I would suggest to Huel to have options to tailor their marketing emails like other companies do.


I struggle to read the emails on my phone, grey on black is tough on the eyes!

Mine are White on Black?

Mine are white on black on laptop, but grey on black on iphone.
Tech is weird! :grinning:

Ditto. I’m happy to hear about new products, recipe suggestions, etc. But I don’t really need the general ‘hey this is why Huel is a good thing’ emails. For example the email about Hot & Savoury. I’m now at the point where I just look at the subject and delete without reading (though I mark as read because I hate my deleted folder showing unread emails) whereas I opened and read every Huel email previously. I don’t want to unsubscribe though, so will just continue guessing which to read.

Certainly in January we’ve increased our marketing, as we grow we’ll do this too, but January obviously is a big time for Huel. The team who work on the emails have been working on a more editorial piece, much of the increase you’ve experienced has been from this email. Hopefully it’s useful, it doesn’t talk about products (apart from in the footer), but links to interesting new articles we have published on our site (or older, popular ones).

We do try and tailor where possible, but it’s not totally customisable. It might be something the team look at this year. Hopefully you’re getting some emails based around your personal goals with Huel - like getting fit, or losing some weight, or just being healthy.

:pleading_face: oh no! I’m sure you weren’t blacklisted and it’s just a misunderstanding!! haha, if you want me to ask someone to check it out then just DM me your email address which you thought was subscribed and we can see what happened. Sounds like at some point you opted out of marketing!

I don’t recall. but I tried signing up again and a day after I got my " January is tough. You’re tougher." email pops champagne. I clearly remember signing up a lot of times before with the same email, and would never in my right mind unsubscribe :wink: :smiley:
Let’s see if the good trend continues.

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