The email spam is ridiculous

I receive emails on an almost daily basis from Huel. It’s almost always in relation to not having ordered again. I do not eat Huel every day, and I should not feel pressured to do so, yet I get bombarded by emails as if Huel were an insecure girlfriend. The only reason I don’t block these emails is because I want to know when new flavours are available. Please reign it in.

Hey David, sorry to hear this, and sorry that you’ve joined the forum for this specifically.

Interesting to hear this and thanks for the feedback. Hopefully there are some links to interesting articles as well as just links to Huel products.


Your passive aggressive response is disappointing.

If you don’t like the emails, why not just opt out from receiving them? - and if you want to know about new flavours, you could just check in to the website. That’d probably make things a bit easier for you.

btw your use of the word ‘spam’ is incorrect. Huel’s emails are not spam (ie unsolicited) if all recipients have requested them by opting in to the service.


they also announce new launches on their social media channels - usually before here - if you prefer not to get the mails.

Someone is an angry person haha

I’m not doing well on the forum recently am I :laughing: sorry @Skardsen I wasn’t trying to be passively aggressive towards you.

Got a great email on Saturday about which equipment to get for your home workouts. No mention of Huel, just a good article.

Spam can mean unwanted bulk email as well as unsolicited. I’d argue that any email sent to a large list of recipients without proper targeting or a message that’s not applicable to the recipient is spam.

Tim’s example above is a good example. Why on earth would I want Huel to tell me about gym equipment? Unless that was sent to a qualified list they know are interested in gyms, eg only customers that have purchased Protein powder, that’s spam in my book.

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A series of emails can’t be unwanted if the recipient has actively opted into receipt thereof. Seems pretty simple, you don’t want them? Opt out.

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Well, what would you guys want to hear about in an email from Huel?

(and you can’t say new product releases :joy: We only release so many products a year!)

Discount codes!!!


ok how do I downvote this?! :laughing:

You asked haha! Thats my fav thing about any emails that come in, discounts!

You seem pretty locked in on just the definition of the word, rather than the reality of irrelevant emails. Trust me; any email that someone receives that they don’t like can be classed as spam. Your assertion that we as users should be responsible for opting out of communications we don’t want is a large part of why legislation such as GDPR exist, which forces companies to be more responsible with our data.

No email client asks for qualification when you click the spam button, it just marks an email as spam and that has real world consequences for the sender, who should have done everything they can to ensure that emails are relevant and meaningful to the people they send them to, not just that they ticked a box at some point so whatever.

This is a field I know well :slight_smile:

It’s a tricky one. Personally, when I tick the box to receive emails from an eCom website I expect product info and order related emails. You’re food eCom; so nutrition, company changes, sponsorships, competitions, and general Huel news I guess.

You could argue that Huel is a fitness lifestyle brand and therefore gym equipment is relevant in supporting customers goals, but to me it’d have to be gym equipment made of Huel, or with some other special Huel specific angle.

Emails are pretty crazy lately, I am thinking about unsubscribing. Most of them are not interesting for me.


I unsubscribed from the e-mails after the one I received 6/1 this year.

Dags att göra något åt vikten?
(“Time to do something about (your) weight?”)
Gå ner i vikt på en budget
(“Lose weight on a budget”)

Absolutely nothing about gaining weight, despite suspecting that quite a bunch of the customer base seems to be gym inclined, only about losing it.
NOTHING in my e-mail preferences mentioned weight management interests, in any direction.
(Don’t tell me the “Seasonal info” checkbox is what triggered it. :roll_eyes:)
The e-mail could at least have been balanced - e.g. “New year, new goals? Let Huel assist you, whether you want to drop a few kg’s [include related weight loss link], and/or gain some [include related muscle gain link]!”

Personally, I’m using meal replacement products out of laziness, and “darn, I’m hungry NOW”.
Also, I try to stay very clear out of the “must control my weight”-territory (I’ve never actively dieted, but I’d lie if I said that I’m totally unfazed by [society’s view on how we’re “supposed” to look]). With age, I’m now touching “BMI overweight”.
Yes, I tried some of the dieting products (ready-to-drink, bars) before I got to know about meal replacement products, but (luckily) quickly realised that their goal was not for me - I wanted something convenient, but with the same amount of energy as a regular not-lose_weight meal, and the package size wasn’t the issue.

That e-mail also actually pushed me to go brand-shopping again.
(In a way that was good, as I discovered that I liked mixing 50% Huel Powder v3.0 with 50% [other brand].
But no, I don’t think that was your intention with that marketing e-mail.)

As @Skardsen, I want to be notified of new flavours, and about new products - and the new Build your own Bundle thingie!
If that would be the info I’d get, I’d gladly sign up for the (THAT kind of) news letter again.

So we definitely email about all these things! Yay! Maybe not sponsorships, what do you mean by that? You want to know which…Twitch Streamers… we’re sponsoring (for example)?

We’re sending content around themes that we know people are have as interests. One of the top 3 reasons people buy Huel is for fitness goals.

And further to my point above, another of the top 3 reasons people buy Huel is for weight loss. Not weight gain (I’m not saying no one buys Huel for weight gain before anyone says) (edit: we do also send weight gain emails, just not this particular one). So when we ask people in surveys “Why do you use Huel” and a huge percentage of answers say “for weight loss goals”, it makes total sense that we are going to create content around this.

It’s really hard to explain our entire CRM strategy. It’s a mixture of what people come to Huel for, what they want to hear about (when we survey them), what they engage with most on the website and what people engage with in the emails e.g. which links got the most clicks.

@pSE you’re picking up on one email but really there were a bunch of others around fitness, convenience/hacks, mental wellbeing, product information and a whole load more. And the stuff you’ve listed you want to hear about too, we absolutely email you with (new flavours, new products, and yes when we roll out Build Your Own Bundle globally we will email you about it).

You guys want something, but others want other things. Right now we can’t drill down email preferences so specifically as you guys want. We’ve got to go off data we have, what people are clicking. So yes, there will be a bit of variety.

I hope that makes sense :pray: We’re open for ideas for topics you want to hear about it, so pop them right here!

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Well basically, that e-mail was the drop that made me unsubscribe from the e-mails, so I’d be slightly angrily surprised if there would be an e-mail about the Build your own Bundle now (especially as the trial has already started here in “my” market (Sweden); found out about it here in the forum).
We’ll see. Maybe I’ll re-subscribe later on (but with the “Seasonal info” unchecked).

I had only one box checked, which was new product information, but I still was receiving all this spam (yes I too consider it to be spam) so I unsubscribed for all items altogether as you don’t seem to be able to chose. Or you think you chose but you receive every topic anyway .

But when I last ordered I was offered a free Mac and cheeze bag for subscribing. THANK YOU HUEL
Unfortunately I am already bored with the newsletter and will certainly unsubscribe again shortly.

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Oh god no, leave all that to CTRL :wink:

But aye, I know it’s not easy emailing