Mistargeted marketing email?

I got a marketing email from Huel, on an email address I’ve used only on the Huel website, with the following:

A month’s worth of lunch…that seems like a lot, right?
That’s 31 sad sandwiches or 31 meal preps that will take you hours to prepare and cost you a small fortune. Neither of them sound particularly great to us.
Our Huel Powder is the perfect alternative; two bags, 34 meals and only one minute of prep time. And the best bit? It costs from £1.32 per meal. So you can have a nutritionally complete lunch that won’t break the bank.

Uh, yes, I know. I’m a Huel fan already, I have it regularly. Since I started in Sep 2019 or so, I’ve probably spent more than £1000 on Huel. My Huel account is with the same email address to which the email was sent, so the system ought to “know” that I’m a regular customer. I’ve never subscribed to get marketing emails separately anyway, so the only reason I got that mail must have been my regularly-used Huel account. So why send me this email?

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Hmm I can totally see where you’re coming from. As a long time customer/Huel Fan then you know the information in this email, right?

But many might not. A lot of people may not have thought about Huel as a proposition for lunch, or thought of it from a financial value perspective. Although these may well be the very reasons you buy Huel, they might not be for others.

Also, email targeting on the level you have suggested (by purchase amount) is currently beyond what we can do (the team who run our emails is just 2 Hueligans). This email actually excluded all people with active subscriptions, so it’s a reasonable assumption that those people included are not active purchasers of Huel, which is why you received this email. Yes we do know that you’re a regular customer but tailoring emails specifically for this is beyond what we’re looking to do right now.

Hope that makes sense! We just want to be as informative as possible for now.

I have an active subscription and I received it.

Not a big deal for me at all but just an FYI for your email team!

Ditto. I have 2 active subscriptions and also got this email.

I don’t have any active subscriptions and did not receive this email.

Snap. But then I only paused some of my subs on Monday of this week, so maybe that’s why?