Got an email addressed to a diff person!

Hey people! :slight_smile:

Just got one of Huel’s emails (a reminder for a first time buyer) addressed to a Matthias, but I’m not him! I think you email server or email client has the hiccups! hehehheehehe!!!

So did I. Mine is addressed to Hannes…

Also, I’m not too sure why the offer expires on a subscription based service. I have recently ordered Huel so I can’t take part in the offer. I would have considered the subscription service based on the good offer but I won’t now because I’ll just order a non-sub in the future. Shame really. Could have been a code or something.

Yeah it was just a mistake. Your names are all correct on the system, but when pulled to do the email they were wrong. Looking into what caused this!

I’m not Adrianne :slight_smile:

Gully, just put another 50p in the fine pot. C’mon!