Future Products for Japan

Glad to see you have a distribution base in Japan, and now you’ve added flavors!
Are there any plans to add other products such as Hot & Savoury?


Hey! We’re excited for Japan to really get going, great to have you on the team :jp:

We would love to add hot & Savoury to our offering in Japan, it’s something we’re working on. Right now we’re launching with a reduced range, it’s been a huge journey to launch what we have now.

But Hot & Savoury is interesting, but there is a very big process to be compliant that is going to take a lot of time. So don’t expect it soon, but know it’s something we’re interested in releasing!


Hello! Any updates on H&S for Japan?

We would love to sell Hot and Savoury in Japan, and currently are working towards being able to sell more of our ranges and flavours that Huel have to offer. We have different release forecasts for different markets, so watch this space for the future!

Hi Charlotte,

Fab thank you :slight_smile: is there any broad timeline at all? 2024 for limited flavours or something?

No problem @liamt :slightly_smiling_face: I’m afraid not, when I have news that I can share I will make sure to let you know!