Huel Hot & Savoury in Japan?

I love that Huel is being offered in Japan, but I’m a little disappointed to see the Hot & Savoury product line is not available on the Japanese store. When I tried to order it from the UK store, I saw that they don’t offer shipping to Japan, despite the fact that products purchased on the Japanese store already ship from the UK.

Because the product is already shipping from a UK warehouse, I don’t see any logistical obstacle to offering the product on the Japanese site… so why isn’t it? Is there any plan to offer it in future?

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It’s not actually a case of logistics, but more a case of different food regulations and authorities in Japan meaning we cannot currently provide Hot & Savoury to our wonderful Japanese community. It would of course be great to offer it in Japan and I really hope we can soon.

I see. That makes sense! Japan is really cautious (admirably so) and also protectionist (not as admirably so) when it comes to food imports. I hope you’ll be able to offer it here soon, it sounds like it’d be great for these snowy Niigata winters!