FYI Thyroid, Hormones and blood tests

Almost 2 years of blood work every few months as I await specialists, TSH, hormone panels, ferritin vits& minerals a few times and everything coming back within grange of normal.
Then being told everything is fine esp for being over 50 female, despite severe thyroid enlargement and an array of other symptoms. This news has often been delivered in the most snarky manner, as if I have been lying and inflating my thyroid for funsies.

After all this I’ve just learned that biotin throws off TSH and hormone tests. So if you eat a lot of huel or take a multivitamin you need to stop for 5 days before blood work.

To say I am angry about this is an understatement.

But thanks huel for excellent health.

A fellow hyperactive thyroid patient here :wave:

I consume 1 x Huel Powder and 1 x Huel H&S every weekday. I am always concerned about the Iodine content of Huel to be honest, as high volumes of Iodine is a definite no.

I wonder how essential is it to put Iodine in the mix.

Any insights on this from @Dan_Huel?

I’m a recent hypothyroid so iodine not so relevant. Also why when I 1st went in was healthy BMI and physically fit I was dismissed.
Easy enough to check bag for iodine amounts tho, I’m not at home 1100ug is recommended max iodine

Unfortunately, Dan is no longer with us, he’s traveling the world as we speak! I’m happy to answer the question, simply, Huel is designed to be a nutritionally complete meal, so it contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, iodine being one of them. Each vitamin and mineral plays a role, iodine has a lot to bring to the table to (more here)- Is Huel Healthy? Discover the Health Benefits of Huel

Thank you, Jess :slightly_smiling_face: